Spice And Wolf Season 3 – Release Date, Cast, Run Date, Run Time: You Must Know

Spice And Wolf Season 3 is the series for which everyone waited for a long. The season is all about a traveling merchant who moves from town to town. It is the anime which is from the light novel adaption under ASCII Media. Moreover, it is also known as a unique fantasy by the Mainchi.

All its present parts have created a great way in the hearts of people. That’s the reason for which its audience is waited for a long for the third part. Do not get disappointed with it, you will get a chance to view it with the ultra role of characters.

The earlier seasons will get popular in between with their audience due to their romance, fantasy, and adventure genres. All its characters have indulged the audience too much through their role like they are experiencing the same in the real world.

Spice And Wolf Season 3: Cast & Staff Members

I.(a) Main (Cast And Characters)

CharactersJapanese English

I.(b) Secondary (Cast And Characters)


II. Staff Members

CategoryStaff Members
DirectorTakeo Takahashi
ProducerYuji Matsunaga
MusicYuji Yoshino

Spice And Wolf Season 3: Overview Of Last Seasons

Spice And Wolf Season 3: Overview Of Last Seasons

We will look at the different categories and plots of Spice and Wolf anime which will help you cover the outline. The story is about a merchant where the main character is Kraft Lawrence who is just a 25-year-old personality. He moves from one town to another for the fictional living. Behind this, he only wants to make enough money so that he will be able to open his shop. Not only one or two years it has been instead he had been moving for seven years to get a good experience. While traveling according to his routine, one day he decided to stop at Pasloe town where he met with the Holo,i.e., a 600-year-old person.

But now she is in the form and look of a 15-year-old girl and introduces herself as the goddess. Due to some reasons, she was not very happy with the village farmer. Like Kraft, she also wanted to travel to see what was happening in the world. What stops her in a single town is the question that you will find in its next chapters. See what happens when you start scrolling the episode list of the anime. You will emerge yourself in the complete anime and start describing everything. So, why wait more when we have enough things to watch the anime?

Season 1 & Season 2: Episode Name, Run Date & Run Time

S.NoEpisode Name (Season One)Run DateRun Time (S1)Episode Name (Season Two)Run DateRun Time (S2)
1Wolf and Best Clothes9 Jan 200825 minWolf and Amber Melancholy30 April 2009
2Wolf and Distant Past16 Jan 200825 minWolf and the Inadvertent Rift9 July 200924 min
3Wolf and Business Talent23 Jan 200825 minWolf and the Calm Before the Storm16 July 200924 min
4Wolf and Her Helpless Partner30 Jan 200825 minWolf and the Gap that Cannot be Filled23 July 200924 min
5Wolf and Lovers’ Quarrel6 Feb 200825 minWolf and the End of Shallow Thinking30 July 200924 min
6Wolf and Silent Farewell13 Feb 200825 minWolf, Hope, and Despair6 Aug 200924 min
7Wolf and a Tail of Happiness30 May 200825 minWolf and Trustworthy God13 Aug 200924 min
8Wolf and Virtuous Scales20 Feb 200825 minWolf and Playful Days20 Aug 200924 min
9Wolf and the Shepherd’s Lamb27 Feb 200825 minWolf and an Enchanting Traveler27 Aug 200924 min
10Wolf and the Swirling Plot5 March 200825 minWolf and Reckless Negotiation3 Sept 200924 min
11Wolf and the Biggest Secret Scheme12 March 200825 minWolf and Lonely Smile10 Sept 200924 min
12Wolf and a Group of Youngsters19 March 200825 minWolf and the Decision to Part17 Sept 200924 min
13Wolf and a New Beginning26 March 200825 minWolf and Endless Tears24 Sept 200924 min

Spice And Wolf Season 3: Release Date

Viewing the dates we do not have any confirmed ones which will keep your hope to the point. But it is confirmed that the new season will come. It is the confined news by the officials that they have given the notification of confirmation in 2022.

What Are The Ratings Of Spice And Wolf Season 3?

IMDb List7.8/10
MyAnime List8.2/10
Anime Planet4.1/5

Is Trailer Spice And Wolf Season 3 Available?

No, you can not see any trailer for Spice And Wolf Season 3, but you can move with the last season’s trailer to cover the outline. Look:

Online Platforms to Watch The Anime

Finding the online platforms for the anime is not a simple task. For it, you have to look the different things. But for you, we have made it simpler by offering you the best platform,i.e., Crunchyroll. Go and start enjoying the anime on the platform.


You have seen that the officials have not thought about the anime to make it to its next part. But with time, we can anticipate that it will be in between us. So, without losing hope we can stay relaxed and look for it so that we will get some hope for the next part. After looking at the audience’s views, we can surely get to the next part. Watch the earlier seasons and enjoy the anime.


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