Ajin Season 3 Release Date – Everything You Need So Far

Ajin Season 3 is the Japanese anime for which its viewers are waiting and even they do not know till they have to wait for the season. Till this time, we can only anticipate that we have to look over the facts of the publishers when they will publish their news for the anime. It is the only hope that remains after its two seasons. For more information, you can look at the article.

The two seasons have created an unexpected hope in the audience that they instantly want this season. Meanwhile, we can only do one thing: look and wait for the time when we will get some good news regarding its cast from the authorities.

Ajin Season 3: Overview

GenreAction, Thriller, Dark Fantasy
Original NetworkCBC
Total Seasons2
Season 3TBR

Ajin Season 3: Release Date

There is not a single information related to the release date of the new season. We can only see that the ending part of the anime is not so concluded. And there has been a delay in the 3rd season due to some reasons. After looking at these factors, we can only analyze that it will not become a spoiler instead it will show some character’s role in the third part within some time.

Episode List: Season 1 & Season 2

S.NoEpisode Name
(Season One)
Run Date (One)Episode Name
(Season One)
Run Date (Two)
1What is That Stuff Have to Do With Us16 January 2016I am Getting Sick of This8 October 2023
2Why is This Happening? Why Me23 January 2016I’m Surrounded by Idiots15 October 2023
3Maybe This is the End30 January 2016But, I am Always Scared22 October 2023
4Have You Ever Seen a Black Ghost?6 February 2016 They Make Me Sick29 October 2023
5But When it Comes Down to It, You Still Want Them to Help You. You are the Worst Kind of Trash13 February 2016 Kuro, Please.5 November 2016
6I’m Gonna Kill You Too20 February 2016 Must be Tough Being a Lapdog12 November 2016
7I Swear I will Cover the Whole Thing Up27 February 2016 Kuro, Just Once More, Please!19 November 2016
8Brace Yourselves5 March 2016This Country is Going to Get a Little Unsettled26 November 2016
9Wait, Let’s Talk it Over12 March 2016You are the One Messing Up My Life!3 December 2016
10They Start to Decay as Soon as They are Created19 March 2016I Won’t Do It10 December 2016
11It is Show Time26 March 2016At This Rate… It Really Will be War!17 December 2016
12Whew, I am Beat2 April 2023But That Makes it Interesting, So Whatever17 December 2016
13Sato, It is All Your Fault!9 April 2023I will Make You a Promise Too, Mr. Sato24 December 2016

What Are The Ratings of Ajin Season 3?

When you move to the ratings, you will see different ways to see how the show performs. Look at the rating list:

IMDB List7.6/10
MyAnime List7.25/10
Anime Planet3.8/5

Ajin Season 3: Cast And Staff Members

Ajin Season 3: Cast And Staff Members

I.(a) Main (Cast And Characters)

CastMain Character

I.(b) Secondary (Cast And Characters)

CastSecondary Character
Yoshimasa HOSOYAKaito

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorHiroyuki Seshita
StudioPolygon Pictures
WriterHiroshi Seko
MusicYuugo Kanno

Online Platform to Watch Ajin Season 3?

Choosing the way to the online watching where you will get the quality episode is the best thing. For it, you can prefer to Netflix where you will see the show’s earlier episodes and streaming. Irrespective of this, you can not move to any other platform.


Here, you have seen that there is no news related to the release date of the new episodes. Instead, you can move to the earlier season so that you can get the outline of the complete anime. We will update you with the latest information till then stay in touch with us with other anime sections.


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