Berserk Season 3 – Everything We Need To Know So Far

What the audience expects from Berserk Season 3 becomes a craving for all that when we see the season. The last two seasons have created a wait-in between its viewers and people. It is a Japanese anime series adapted from the Kentaro Miura manga. After the manga, it is the second anime that covers the Conviction arc.

The audience’s expectations will never fade when we talk about the anime world. They want the anime to be out as soon as possible from the publication house. Even to this anime 6 years are now, but they are still hoping that it will be released soon and they will get some news related to it.

Looking at the Berserk Season 3 release date is not a possible thing that we can expect now. But we will hope that the officials will announce the particular dates related to it. Go with the below article to learn more about the anime in detail.

Berserk Season 3: Cast & Staff Members

I.(a) Main (Cast And Characters)

CastMain Characters
Yuuko MiyamuraCasca
Toshiyuki MorikawaGriffith
Nobutoshi CannaGuts

I.(b) Secondary (Cast And Characters)

CastSecondary Characters
Tesshou GendaAdon Coborlwitz
Yuri ShiratoriCharlotte
Tomohiro NishimuraCorkus
Mahito TsujimuraFoss
Akira IshidaJudeau

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorShin Itagaki
WriterMakoto Fukami
MusicShirō Sagisu

Berserk Season 3: Storyline Of Anime

Berserk Season 3: Storyline Of Anime

The Berserk Season 3 is an anime series that follows the Guts. The term Guts refers to the wandering mercenary which was from the mercenary group. This group is also known as Band of the Hawk. When you move to the episodes of anime, you will see him fighting against Griffith who was a leader. Where he sacrificed his followers to fulfill his dream of God’s Hand. Get in touch with the complete anime season and get to know what will happen in the next episode. Following the episodes, you will find out the Casca and what is her role in the series. Explore the anime before indulging yourself in another one.

Season 1 & Season 2: Episode List

S.NoSeason ListTotal EpisodesRun DateRun Time
1Season 112July-September 2016290 minutes
2Season 212Aprile-June 2017300 minutes
3Season 3TBATBA

Berserk Season 3 Release Date

Scrolling about the Berserk Season 3 release date will leave you in doubt. Because as of now, we can not say anything about the publisher’s mind. That is what they are thinking and whether they have confirmed the dates or not. But is expected that the new season will come by 2024 with its new episodes and character’s role.

What Is the Audience Perspective to Berserk Season 3?

IMDb List7.8/10
MyAnime List6.3/10
Anime Planet4.1/5

Berserk Season 3: Trailer?

Unfortunately, you can not move to the season 3 trailer. To cover the outline, you can move to the last season’s trailer. Look at it:

Berserk Season 3: Where To Watch?

For Berserk Season 3, you can move to the Crunchyroll and Netflix platforms. These platforms are the best platforms that will show you the complete series of episodes. Well, if you talk about Season 1 or Season 2, you will get each category. But make sure that you have a subscription plan for both. Instead, you can watch 14 days free on the Crunchyroll but Netflix initially needs premium.

Moreover, you can also watch Berserk Season 3 Dubbed on Crunchyroll. Go and analyze the series start watching it as per your comfort and enjoy the anime’s episodes.

Last Thoughts

Here, you have seen that there is no such official news related to the new season. but we can hope that it will come soon. So that its audience will never have to wait any longer for the new season. Until you can go through season one and season two for the anime. And watch it as per your interest. If you are no longer interested in this anime, you can go ahead and look at the below-listed parts which will take you to the other anime world. Look:


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