Yami Shibai Season 12: Japenese Ghost Story New Season Plot, Cast, and Teaser

No one can wait for the information about the Yami Shibai Season 12. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the next season, and no one wants to wait for the part. But with the coming of the latest season, we can only wait for what the officials say. To cover in detail, cover the below points. 

Overview of Yami Shibai Anime

ParticularYami Shibai
GenreSupernatural, Horror, Folklore
Produced byNaoka Konisada, Nobuyuki Hosoya
Total Episodes143
Total Seasons11
Season 11 (Run Period)10 July 2023 to 2 October 2023
Original NetworkTV Tokyo, At-X

The overall outline of the Yami Shibai Season covers a ghost story. It is one of the animes produced by Studio ILCA. In the story, you will see how a yellow mask old man considers the main character. He used to tell ghost stories every day to the children at 5 p.m. Each week, he comes up with a new story and speaks it to the children. See how the different parts of the anime cover the different scenes of how the yellow mask man tells stories to the children. In the sections, you will see how the Yellow Man transforms into a shadow. When you move to the different parts, you will see the tales of the different objects. 

What are you waiting for? Go and watch the anime and if you have not seen the seasons yet, move to the online platform. And see all the latest parts. See the points for the ratings, and other parts of Yami Shibai Season 12.


Release Date of Yami Shibai Season 12

The release date of the Yami Shibai Season 12, is not announced by the officials. The new season has ended this year, we can only expect that it will come back. Maybe with the start of 2025, you will see the overall views regarding the new season.

But now, you can only watch the current season of the Yami Shibai Season and enjoy it with your mood. The season will show you and you will never think that it has spoiled your time. In the end, you can only say that it is worth watching for the anime.

How the Audience Rated the Yami Shibai Season 12?

How the Audience Rated the Yami Shibai Season 12?

The ratings of the anime series depend on different factors like what are the animations and characters’ roles. And are the series scenes in the favour of the audience or not? With no more talk, we will show you the ratings of overall ratings of the anime and how different platforms, have rated the anime.

The IMDB rating of the anime is 7.1 out of 10 with a complete list of good reviews. But when we move to the ratings of the MyAnime list, you will see a little bit less,i.e., 7.0 out of 10. When the Yami Shibai Season 12, we will know how the audience will rate the season.

Episode List of Yami Shibai Season 11

The last season, i.e., Yami Shibai Season 11 came in 2023. You can see the complete list of season 11 when it started and ended. All the episode lists and release dates are scheduled in the table which will help you look over the complete anime.

S. No.Episodes NameRun Date (Season 11)
1Taro Chan Return10 July 2023
2The Offering House17 July 2023
3Rebirth Paper24 July 2023
4From Back Then31 July 2023
5Solo Camping7 August 2023
6White Flower14 August 2023
7That’s not Right Dad21 August 2023
8Fan Activities28 August 2023
9Signature4 September 2023
10Sairen Station11 September 2023
11Restart18 September 2023
12A Silver Lining25 September 2023
13Music Box2 October 2023

Yami Shibai Season 12: Ways to Watch the Anime

To watch the anime, different platforms are present that will show you every episode. But I must suggest that you will go to the Crunchyroll platform, and see the series. On the platform, you will see all the forms of the anime in which you want to see it. 

It will show you things like different languages, and dubbed anime series. It is not only for a particular series but also it shows you every anime in different forms. You can also see the Yami Shibai Season 12 when it is streamed on the platform.

Yami Shibai Season 12: Cast Members

S. NoCast
1Kanji Tsuda
2Ryo Shinoda
3Yutaka Shimizu
5Jujumaru Honda
6Seiyu Yoshida
7Asuka Nagatsuki
8Yo Koizumi
9Yuka Shidomi
10Satako Tsuchiya
11Saori Aoki

Can I See the Teaser for Yami Shibai Season 12?

The teaser for the season has not come out yet, but yes you watch the last season’s teaser. The series started in 2013 and it is 2023 with the latest seasons. We anticipate more from the publication house that they will give us good news related to the Yami Shibai Season 12. Everyone wants to know about the series, and they want to be in touch with the latest season.

Moreover, you can watch the latest episodes to cover what is the outline of the seasons. And if you are new, you can start the anime with the first season and get it to continue with season 11.

Last Thoughts

You can only expect that within a minimum time, you will see the upcoming part of the Yami Shibai Season 12. Its viewers are still waiting for the next seasons due to the ultimate episodes of the last part. It will show how enthusiastically they are expecting the new season.

No worries, when the season news comes as soon we will update you with the latest information. So that you can never miss the opportunity to watch the anime. And you will watch the series and enjoy your time.

1. How many Seasons are available for Yami Shibai?

There are a total of 11 seasons available of Yami Shibai.

2. What is the Genre of the Yami Shibai Season?

The Genre of the Yami Shibai Season is a horror story.

3. By when we can expect the Season 12 of the anime?

By 2025, you can expect the Season 12 of the anime.

4. What are the original networks for the Yami Shibai anime?

TV Tokyo and At-X are the original networks for the Yami Shibai Anime.

5. Is the teaser out for Season 12 of the anime?

No, the teaser is not out for Season 12 of Anime.

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