World Trigger Season 4 – Release Date Confirmed In Jump Festa 2024

World Trigger Season 4 is the most anticipated anime after the Jump Festa 2024. With the onset of the Festa, hopes for Season Four have risen. The World Trigger action and science fiction anime has caught a good proportion of people with its amazing performance. See what will be the next part. Do not miss any outline, otherwise, you will not get the proper answer to your query.

While taking a look at the article, you will also get in touch with the other parts like the World Trigger Season 4 Release Date, cast, trailer, and more. So, why leave such a part where you are getting everything? Just skip to the option for which you want to look.

World Trigger Season 4 Jump Festa 2024 Announcement!

World Trigger Season 4 Jump Festa 2024 Announcement! shocks you after catching the vibes from Blue Stage. On the stage, the greeting of the Tomo Muranaka with the announcement of the World Trigger Season 4 creates a blunder in the audience’s mind. Moreover, there also will be the World Trigger Festival 2024 on 31 March 2024 At Tokyo Dome.

World Trigger Season 4: Release Date

Well, after the announcement in the Jump Festa 2024, it is concluded that the World Trigger Season 4 Release will be final in 2024. After which it is confirmed that we are no more distanced from the show. See what more we can look to the season with its amazing character’s role.

About: World Trigger Anime

About: World Trigger Anime

I. Overview

  • Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure
  • Seasons: 3
  • Season 4: TBR in 2024
  • Original Network: TV Asahi
  • Run Period: 5 October 2014 – 23 January 2022

II. Outline

In the World Trigger Anime, you will see the different outlines according to the seasons. Season one starts with Mikado City where you see how the battles have affected the people’s lives. Going through its episodes, you will see Yuma Kuga as the main character where he gets transferred to the local school. At that time, the border was too popular and he was hiding the facts about his originality. See what happens whether people get to know more about it or not. Well, scrolling through the anime’s episodes will let you know about the different characters and their role. Do not miss out on the great three-episode series which is also now set up for the next part.

Episode Layout: World Trigger (S1, S2 & S3):

Categorizing the World Trigger, as per the season’s episodes will let you know more about it. After looking at it you can see and get clear that for which do you want to move for. See what it is:

  • World Trigger Season 1 starts from 5 October 2014 to 3 April 2016. This long season consisted of 73 chapters. Check it out on Netflix!
  • World Trigger Season 2 starts from 10 January 2021 to 4 April 2021 with a list of 12 episodes. Check it out on Crunchyroll!
  • World Trigger Season 3 starts from 10 October 2021 to 23 January 2022 with a list of 14 episodes. Check it out on Amazon Prime Video!
  • World Trigger Season 4 Countdown has started for 2024, set yourself up for World Trigger Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date!

World Trigger Season 4: Cast And Staff Members

I. (a) Main (Cast & Characters)

Main CharactersCast
Osamu MikumoYuuki KajiBrian Doe
Yuuichi JinYuuichi NakamuraAndrew Francis
Yuuma KugaTomo MuranakaCathy Weseluck

I. (b) Secondary (Cast & Characters)

Secondary CharactersCast
Ai Kitora Kana HanazawaMaryke Hendrikse
Chika AmatoriNao TamuraCaitlyn Bairstow
ReplicaHideyuki TanakaMarco Soriano

I. (c) Minor (Cast & Characters)

Minor CharactersCast
BitouKouta NemotoDaegan Manns
EidaMitsuo Iwata

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorMorio Hatano
WriterHiroyuki Yoshino
MusicKenji Kawai
StudioToei Animation

What Are The Ratings For World Trigger Season 4?

When we start Season 4 World Trigger ratings, we can check what it looks like. The show is the best part for which its audience is waiting for. Look more related to the World Trigger Season 4 Anime ratings:

IMDb List7.5/10
MyAnime List7.6/10
Anime Planet3.8/5

Is Trailer Available For World Trigger Season 4?

No, the Season 4 of World Trigger trailer is not available. You can reach out to the World Trigger Season 3 trailer to catch the anime vibes:

Where To Watch World Trigger Season 4?

Finding the platforms for the World Trigger Season 4 Release Date 2023 is not possible now. But we lead to the way that helps you out to watch the anime. Go and try Crunchyroll, you see the top things on the platforms that will help you in touch with the anime.

Last Thoughts

Here, you get to know what are the best things related to the World Trigger Season 4. With the onset of 2024, we look to the next part. Get in touch with us, we will never leave you behind with any news. Stay tuned!


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