The Tearmoon Empire Season 2: Along With Its Overview And Ratings

Are you excited about The Tearmoon Empire Season 2 news and looking for the dates when it will come? Surely, you came here after watching the current episodes of the series. Now, everyone wants that the next part will come soon. See the below article to learn more about the anime’s Season 2.

Overview Of The Tearmoon Empire Season 2

ParticularThe Tearmoon Empire Season 2
WriterDeko Akao
DirectorYushi Ibe
ProducerHiroyuki Aoi, Kai Minegishi, Akihiro Sotokawa, Yutaka Suwa, Tomoyuki Oowada
Original Run8 October 2023 to 19 November 2023

Release Date of The Tearmoon Empire Season 2

The Tearmoon Empire Season 2 Release Date

Finally, your wait is over, the anime’s Season One will be released on 8th October 2023 with its first episode. But the news for The Tearmoon Empire Season 2 is not officially decided. You can watch the anime on different platforms and enjoy all its episodes now.

All the episodes of Season One get live-streamed on its official platforms in their original form. Go and watch the anime after seeing its overall rating below. 

Overview of The Tearmoon Empire Season 1

Let us have an overview of The Tearmoon Empire Season 1. It is one of the animes which covers the story of a kingdom. In the entire kingdom, everything is in the hands of a princess named Mia Luna Tearmoon. The different anime episodes are categorized according to the different dates. See, it:

S.NoEpisodes’ OverviewThe Tearmoon Empire Season 2 [Run Date]
1The Princess starting from the chopping block8 October 2023
2Princess Mia Displays Her Mug Face15 October 2023
3Princess Mia Sows Seeds22 October 2023
4Shall We Dance29 October 2023
5Princess Mia Swoons5 November 2023
6The Sword Fighting Tournament12 November 2023
7Princess Mia Sees Clearly19 November 2023

The Tearmoon Empire Season 1 Storyline

The story revolves around a princess whose name is Mina Luna Tearmoon. In the anime, you will see that the entire Kingdom will collapse under the 20-year-old princess. After this, she started to hate herself and was imprisoned for three years. When you move ahead in the story, you will see that instead of dying she reincarnation herself in a new soul. Now, she is 12 years old and she is getting in touch with her past life. But at all, she is not aware of who she is, all the activities of her past are coming in front of her.

In search of things, she now moved to different places which were no more the same as they used to be. These places consist of Gold Moon Ministry, Ludwig, New Moon District, Eris’ Place, and Boarding School. Moreover, you will see how she wants to get herself away from those things related to her past in the Academy. But this time, she knows and also gets the invitation to the welcoming dance.

But now, she does not want that disastrous life again and does not want to fall for Abel. Excitingly she got an offer from Prince Sion for dance but she is no longer interested in the offer. But later on, she accepts the offer and dances with him. Now, her life is quite different from her past. She started becoming friends with more than one person and exploring her life in a unique manner. See what next happens in the story, how Mia meets different people? And her visit to the New Moon District. What exciting she got to know from this place.

Now, the series is completed and you can watch the all episodes of Season One on a platform. So, why are you distributing your time in other activities, go and watch the anime?


The Tearmoon Empire Season 2 Cast & Characters

The Cast and Characters are the amazing facts of any anime. What we can expect from The Tearmoon Empire Season 2 is the only thing everyone expects.

Different things are behind the love of the audience for the anime, one of which consists of the characters. Mostly, people prefer to see and look what are the most amazing characteristics they will see from the show. Have a look at your favorite roles and see what different you will see in the anime.

The Tearmoon Empire Season 2 Cast & Characters
Sumire UesakaMia Luna Tearmoon
Tomori KusunokiAnne Littstein
Yoshitsugu MatsuokaAbel Remno
Yuichiro UmeharaLudwig Hewitt
Shun HorieSion Sol Sunkland
Kanon TakaoTiona Rudolvon
Toshiki MasudaKeithwood
Fuko SaitoLiora Lulus
Makoto FurukawaDion Alaia
Rie TakahashiChloe Forkroad

Can I See the Trailer for The Tearmoon Empire Season 2?

It is better not to expect too much for The Tearmoon Empire Season 2. In November 2023, it has completed its 7 episodes. Now, you can only watch the trailer of Season One. And if you like its trailer and find it in your category, you can move on with its episodes.

What are the Ratings of The Tearmoon Empire Season 2?

The ratings of The Tearmoon Empire Season 2 will come when it is released. But you can see the current anime’s ratings that will keep you in touch with the viewer’s updates related to the anime.

In the IMDB list, you will see 7.5 stars for the anime out of 10 whereas on the online platform,i.e., Crunchyroll, you will see 4.8 stars out of 5 for the anime. And in MyAnime List, the anime got 7.4 stars from its audience. These ratings will get started with the few first episodes of the anime. And with its ending, it has attracted a large number of audience.

Where Can I Watch The Tearmoon Empire Season 2?

The Crunchyroll platform offers you a wide list of varieties. You can watch the anime in any language and it will also provide you the subtitles as per your choice.

To watch the anime, you can also move to other platforms like Tokyo MX, MBS, BX 11, etc. However, on such platforms, if you look for The Tearmoon Empire Season 2, you will not be able to find it. You can only watch the anime’s Season One and see all seven episodes.


Here, you can see that anime’s Season 1 was completed in November 2023. Now, we can not say much about The Tearmoon Empire Season 2, when it will go live in between its audience. It is only better to move with the Season of the anime.

However, if there are any updates related to Season 2, we will notify you when it will come. So, be relaxed and see the first season.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Tearmoon Empire Season 2

1. Can we hope for The Tearmoon Empire Season 2 now?

It is better not to hope for The Tearmoon Empire Season 2.

2. On which platform does the show rate higher?

On Crunchyroll, the show rates higher with a total of 4.8 stars out of 5.

3. When The Tearmoon Empire Season 1 get started?

In October 2023, The Tearmoon Empire Season 1 gets started.

4. Who is the princess of the story?

Mia Luna Tearmoon is the princess of the story.

5. How many episodes are available for The Tearmoon Empire Season 1 in November?

There are a total of 7 episodes for The Tearmoon Empire Season 1 in November.

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