TenPuru Season 2: What is the Release Date, Teaser, Cast & Plot

Today, everyone thinks about what are the new things we get to see in the TenPuru Season 2And when. We are not aware of the facts when it will get released, but we are sure that it will come with its new season. The coming season will make your anime world more interesting and worth your time. But see more details about the ratings and other categories.

TenPuru Season 1 Overview

With the help of a table, you can see the complete things related to the anime. All the overview parts of the anime are categorized in the table. See all the things to know more about the anime in detail.

ParticularTenPuru Anime
GenreRomantic Comedy
Directed ByKazuomi Kaga
Music ByShuntaro Innami
Written ByYohei Kashii
Original NetworkTokyo MX, BS11, AT-X

Release Date of TenPuru Season 2

The release date is not expected when there will be official notifications and updates related to the TenPuru Season 2. But we only demand that the officials will release the date within minimum time. So that their audience will get every update and they will no longer wait for the notifications of the news.

You can get in touch with the website to see when you will see the latest season news so that without wasting any time you can move with the coming part. And never get on the list of latecomers. Move with the series where it got streamed and other things.

Outline and Episode List of TenPuru Season 1

Watching the anime will become more special when you know about the outline of the story. Season 1 came in 2023, you can go through its complete episodes. See the table below for the details of the episodes.

Overview of Anime's Season 1

Let us overview season 1, and what it consists of, in the series, you will see Akemitsu Akegami the main character of the story. As he is the one whose father always told him that no one can live alone, he is surely determined about it. He does not care about the interventions of his father. But suddenly, there is a twist in the story when he meets with a young woman. After this, he transforms himself into a monk and devotes himself. See what more happens in the story when you see the complete series on Crunchyroll.

S. NoEpisode NameRun Date Season 1
1You Will Repay Us With Your Body9 July 2023
2Being Pervy is not a Bad Thing16 July 2023
3I’ll Castrate You23 July 2023
4Go Ahead and Take a Shower30 July 2023
5How Shall I Make You Take Responsibility6 August 2023
6Let’s Establish Facts13 August 2023
7What Color Is Your Underwear20 August 2023
8Seeing A Turtle is Good Luck27 August 2023
9Pounding Mochi is Dirty3 September 2023
10I Just Got A Little Turned On10 September 2023
11The Body Doesn’t Lie17 September 2023
12No One Should Live Alone24 September 2023

What are the Ratings of TenPuru Season 2?

The ratings of the anime series depend on different sections like what are the viewers’ viewpoints and how they express their love towards the anime series. No doubt there are different ratings on the different platforms. It is viewers’ love and how they are using those platforms to see the animes.

So, for more like, you can see the rating of 6.3 out of 10 in the IMDB list, and the MyAnime list gives you a total of 6.79 ratings out of 10. Get watch the series and rate the series, as per your interest, you can also share your views related to it.

Where to Watch TenPuru Season 2?

Different platforms are present that will help you see the TenPuru Season 2. Not now, you can only watch the season when it officially comes out from the publication house. But if you are looking for the future, you can move to the Crunchyroll platform. It is one of the best platforms that will help you learn the different things within no time.

You will get everything related to anime and different categories of anime are listed on the platform. Moreover, you have to take the subscription plan for the anime so that you can never stuck in between the anime series.


TenPuru Season 2: Teaser Notification

At the current date, you are not allowed to see the teaser of the TenPuru Season 2. But when the official releases the teaser, we will update you with the link, and you will get to know about everything related to the anime.

Now, you can see only the teaser of Season 1 and see what is the anime coverage. Get ahead, and see do you want the cover full season.

Last Thoughts

The part concludes that you will see the next version of the anime. It will help you know about the different things, what will be the outline, and their coverage character. It will help you see how the publisher has utilized the best part within a minimum time.

Until now, there have been no such notifications related to the anime but we expect that the next year will show you the TenPuru Season 2. And it will show you the best of the anime. Get upgraded with us for the new journey of the anime.

Frequently Asked Questions of TenPuru Season 2

1. Where to watch the TenPuru anime?

Use Crunchyroll to watch the TenPuru anime.

2. Is the teaser out for the TenPuru Second Season?

No, the teaser is not out for the TenPuru Second Season.

3. How does the IMDB list rate the anime?

The IMDB list rated the show with 6.3 stars out of 10.

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