Sword Art Online Season 5 – Latest Updates Related To Release Date

Sword Art Online Season 5 becomes the anime for which its audience has been waiting for 4 years. Let you know that the last season came in 2020 with its episode series and after it, we have no notification related to any other series. Gathering a good audience with its four is the only thing that millions of people are still waiting for next part. See what happens with it.

Are you interested in catching the fast news related to the Sword Art Online season 5 release date countdown? Then, unfortunately, we say that it is not set yet. But we can only see that in the upcoming year 2024, we can look forward to its news. For more related to the anime, you can move with the article which will help you know about it.

Sword Art Online Season 5: Overview

ParticularSword Art Online
GenreScience Fiction, Adventure
Original NetworkBS11, AT-X, Tokyo MX
Licensed ByUK: Anime Limited, AUS: Madman Entertainment
Total Season4
Season 5TBR
Run Time2013-2021

Anime’s Seasons: Overview

  • Sword Art Online Season 1 starts streaming on Tokyo MX from 28 July 2013 to 3 November 2013 with the Aincrad story arc. And it is another story arc,i.e., Fairy Dance streams from 10 November 2013 to 16 February 2014
  • Sword Art Online Season 2 starts streaming on the Japanese platform from 29 March 2015 to 27 September 2015 with two side stories,i.e., Side Story 1: Calibur, & Side Story 2: Mother’s Rosario.
  • Sword Art Online Season 3 starts streaming on the Japanese platform from 10 February 2019 to 7 February 2021 with seven parts,i.e., Part 1: Alicization Beginning, Part 2: Alicization Rising, Part 3: Alicization Uniting, Part 4:Alicization Invading, Part 5: Alicization Exploding, Part 6: Alicization Awakening, Part 7: Alicization Lasting.

Sword Art Online Season 5: Outline

Sword Art Online Season 5: Outline

The Sword Art Online series is based on the main character named Kazuto who is the game tester. He is a gamer who prefers to play games alone. Meanwhile, in the game, he meets with the Asuna Yuuki with whom he is in a relationship, and gets married. Parallelly in the real world, he discovers 300 players and Asuna gets into the trap. Where more in the episodes you will see how he discovers new things as an operation. See how interesting the anime became when he developed an AI named SLICE. Explore your interest in the anime and move with its all four seasons.

Looking more for the Sword Art Online season 5 release date countdown, you can get in touch with the next point. After that, you will get all the results that you want.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date

I’m curious to know what exactly will be the Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date. So, what stopped you from coming here? Well, anything it will be, now we will get you to the point. Looking at the release date we have no confirmation of the exact on-screen time. But after the ending of season four with the Alicization arc we can anticipate that it will come soon.

Moreover, Sword Art Online Season 5 consists of the Unital Ring Arc that we can cover in the upcoming episodes. Be optimal, and look for the new ones.

Sword Art Online Season 5: Cast & Staff Members

I. Main (Cast And Characters)

Main CharactersCast
Asuna YuukiHaruka TomatsuCherami Leigh
KiritoYoshitsugu Bryce Papenbrook
Suguha KirigayaAyana TaketatsuCassandra Morris

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorTomohiko Ito
ProducerKazuma Miki
WriterYukie Sugawara
StudioA-1 Pictures
MusicYuki Kajiura

What Are The Ratings For Sword Art Online Season 5?

The ratings will help you know about the anime outline and whether will it be worth watching or not. After it becomes a must, you must go through it and look at the ratings. For, it you may watch the different platforms that we have adjusted for you accordingly:

IMDb List7.5/10
MyAnime List7.6/10

Sword Art Online Season 5 Trailer?

Unexpectedly, you can look at the trailer. What you can go through the earlier season’s trailer:

Ways to Watch Online Sword Art Online Season 5

If you are interested in watching a particular anime, you must go through different platforms. We have shortlisted the top platforms that will make you believe what anime is about. Go through Netflix, Funimation, HULU, and Crunchyroll. These best platforms will amaze you ab with the available series.


In conclusion, we have seen that after its four seasons, it is still unexpected what will be the outcome related to Season 5. We hope for the best and look at the new season’s date. After all its four seasons have enough episodes that we can go through them and enjoy till the time new comes. Well, if you do not want to move with the existing one, you can have a look at the below ones.


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