Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2 – Release Date, Platforms, Cast, & Other To Know

Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2 becomes a question in everyone’s mind as to when it will come. Moving forward let you know that the show is also popular by its other name,i.e., Douluo Dalu II: Jueshi Tangmen. Well, the Soul Land 2 anime series is still prevailing in the current position of the anime world. Let us see when we will hope for its next part.

Getting in touch with the Soul Land 2 anime, you will see that it is a Chinese series whose main source is the Soul Land 2 novel. Its main theme is Theme Martial Arts where you can enjoy its marvellous episodes. Go with the article, and get to know what is all about the anime and if Soul Land 2 Viki is available to premiere it.

Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2: Release Date

When we look at the Soul Land 2 Donghua release date it is seen that after the complete release of its first season, we can anticipate its next part. Let us look at when the officials will decide about its next part. Until then, you can move to season one and watch its episodes. Soon, we will get an update related to it and you will also get updated. Stay connected with us and you will know every information related to it.

Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2: Overview & Outline

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Seasons: 1
  • Season 2: TBR
  • Original Network: Tencent Penguin Pictures
  • Originality: China
  • Source: Web Novel
  • Run Period: 12 June 2023 – 16 December 2023

The anime is all about a strange continent in the world where there is no battle, no martial arts, no magic, and nothing at all! The story revolves around a gap of 10,000 years in which you will see a character named the Tang clan who was on the Douluo continent. After his born, it was determined that he was the most talented personality of his generation. let us see if the anime will be able to reestablish the Tang Clan. And what will be the next outline of this with the upcoming parts?

A strange continent in another world of magic, no battle qi, no martial arts, only martial spirits. Ten thousand years after the Tang clan was founded on the Douluo continent, the Tang clan has declined to the verge of extinction.

A whole new generation of proud talents has been born. Will the new generation of the Seven Monsters of Shrek be able to reestablish the Tang Clan and compose a new tale of greatness for the unrivaled Tang Clan?

Episode List, Run Date & Run Time: Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect (S1)

Episode ListRun DateRun Time
Soul Land 2 Ep 112 June 202324 min
Episode 223 June 202324 min
Episode 324 June 202324 min
Episode 41 July 202324 min
Episode 58 July 202324 min
Episode 615 July 202324 min
Episode 722 July 202324 min
Episode 829 July 202324 min
Episode 95 August 202324 min
Episode 1012 August 202324 min
Episode 1119 August 202324 min
Episode 1226 August 202324 min
Episode 132 September 202324 min
Episode 1416 September 202324 min
Episode 1516 September 202324 min
Episode 1623 September 202324 min
Episode 1730 September 202324 min
Episode 187 October 202324 min
Episode 1915 October 202324 min
Episode 2021 October 202324 min
Episode 2128 October 202324 min
Episode 224 November 202324 min
Episode 2317 November 202324 min
Episode 2418 November 202324 min
Episode 2525 November 202324 min
Episode 262 December 202324 min
Episode 279 December 202324 min
Episode 28 16 December 202324 min

Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2 Episode 28:


Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2: Cast & Staff Members

Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2: Cast & Staff Members

I. (a) Main (Cast And Characters)

  • Wutong Tang voice-over by Liang, Dawei
  • Yuhao Huo
  • Bei Bei
  • Caitou
  • Ya Tang
  • Xiao Xiao

II. Staff Members

  • Author: Tang Jia San Shao
  • Studio: Sparkly Key Animation Studio

What Are The Ratings For Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2?

Do you want to know about the ratings for the Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2? Well, this is the best part that you have to choose before watching the anime. It will help you to know whether your time is worth watching the anime otherwise you switch to another part. See more get in touch with this:

IMDb List8.8/10
MyAnime List7.6/10
Anime Planet4.2/5

Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2: Trailer?

No, there is not a single piece of information related to the Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2 trailer. We can only move to its season one trailer:

Online Platform For Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2

Exploring the different platforms, and got confused after looking at them? Do not worry, we here have the best thing that will help you to know more about the anime’s watching platforms. It might be a thing in your mind that Can Viki Stream Soul Land 2? So, here to tell you that yes, you can watch it on VIKI.

Moreover, you can also go to the Tecent Video to watch the anime. After exploring all things related to the anime, you will enjoy its character’s performance and their part. Get in touch with the show and tell us what you like the most.


With the article, I hope that you have gotten the latest updates which have offered you a wide range of information related to the Soul Land 2 Peerless Tang Sect Season 2, and other parts. So, happy anime watching and move to its part.


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