Sonic Dream Team Mobile Game Streams Animated Intro

Sonic Dream Team is a platform where you will see a high-quality game that will come in the future. The platform will release the game on 5 December 2023. Specifically, the game is developed by Hardlight for the Apple Arcade service. And it will be available on iOS, Apple TV, and Mac devices.

Overview of Sonic Dream Team Mobile Game

ParticularSonic Dream Team Animated Intro
SeriesSonic The Hedgehog series
DirectorTyson Hesse
Release Date5 December 2023
Animated by Powerhouse Animation
Composed byTee Lopes
Published bySEGA

What will you see in this game?

In the game, you will see the different characters, Sonic, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Knuckles, and Tails. Among these, you have to select at least one character to play the game. After choosing the characters they will lead you to a dream world where they will save the Sonic’s friends.

What will entertain you in this game is the animated intro of it. In the Sonic Dream Team, you will see one of the non-playable characters,i.e., Dr. Eggman who used his tricks in the quest for the world. All these get done with the help of a device,i.e., The Reverie. This device will turn every dream into reality where Join Sonic and his friends do not want the dream to come true and they prevent them from coming true.

PlayableNon Playable Enemies Bosses
Sonic the HedgehogCheeseCrabmeatUnnamed Crabmeat- like mustache
Amy RoseDr. EggmanEgg PawnUnnamed Eggaman- Robot Boss
Knuckles the EchidnaAriemMoto bugTwo other unknown bosses
Miles Tails ProwerBuzz Bomber
Rouge the Bat

The trailer announcement was on 1 November 2023 but the game will come now on 5th December 2023.


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