Scissor Seven Season 5 – Release Date, Episode List, Cast, & Trailer

Scissor Seven Season 5, a China anime series after the Japanese series has revolved around the hearts of people. Its four seasons have created a strong enthusiasm among the audience after which they are blindly waiting for the next part. What will shock their mood is the official news related to the upcoming season. But people are still wondering what they will get next which will add a twist in their anime world.

For it, we are present in between you who will give you all the things that you will never forget about the anime. Without moving here and there you must go through the below article, which will help you know about it in detail. Whether you look at the cast, trailer, ratings, and release date, you will get in touch with everything.

Overview of Scissor Seven Anime

ParticularScissor Seven
GenreComedy, Action, Wuxia
Other NameKiller 7
Total SeasonsFour
Total Episodes40+ (4 special)
Season FiveTBR

Scissor Seven Anime 5: Episode Name, Run Date & Run Time

Scissor Seven Anime 5: Episode Name, Run Date & Run Time
S.NoEpisode NameRun Date(Season Four)Run Time
1The “Immortal” Black Bird21 September 202314 minutes
2Assassinating the Leader21 September 202314 minutes
3Saving Seven21 September 202315 minutes
4Overnight at the Store21 September 202316 minutes
5Crisis on the Island 221 September 202316 minutes
6Huilian’s Past21 September 202319 minutes
7Red Tooth’s past21 September 202318 minutes
8The Decision21 September 202314 minutes
9Showdown on the Chicken Island21 September 202316 minutes
10Green Phoenix’s Revenge21 September 202320 minutes

Scissor Seven Season 5: Release Date

The Netflix Chinese Anime for Season 5 has not come yet with official news. For it, you have to wait so that you will get everything related to the upcoming part. No, you can not say that it will become a spoiler in the coming time, but the official will release its part in the coming time. However, it is confirmed that the next part of production is in process.

It is only the fact that has created an optimistic view among its audience. We all do not have to wait too long. Be in touch with our website, we will give you the latest updates on the anime.

What Are The Ratings Of Scissor Seven Season 5?

When we look at the ratings, it differs according to the various platforms. Go through the below points which will let you know about its ratings:

MyAnime List7.86/10
Anime Planet4.05/5

Can I See the Trailer For Scissor Seven Season 5?

No, you can not see the trailer for Scissor Seven Season 5. It is not available now, you can move with the last season’s trailer.

Scissor Seven Season 5: Cast And Staff Members

I. (a) Main (Cast And Characters)

CastMain Character
Wu LiuqiShinji SAITOU

I. (b) Secondary (Cast And Characters)

CastSecondary Character
Ji DabaoKouji OCHIAI
Meihua ShisanNaoko MATSUI
Xiao Fei JiSaima NAKANO

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorHe Xiaofeng
ProducerZhu Jing, Aiken Zou 

Where To Watch Scissor Seven Season 5?

Watching anime is a point where you must look to the top platform. For this anime, you can move to Netflix, and Bilibili rather than Crunchyroll. At the platform, you will the various things that will entertain you with its episodes. What you are waiting for here? Go and watch the anime with its marvelous episodes.

Last Thoughts

Here, you can look at the different things that you have seen regarding the new season. I hope that you will get answers to every question. You can move with us to the different things. Still now, in case you have any confusion you can go through the comment section and ask your queries. Feel free to ask anything from us, we are always present here to give answers to your queries. Till now, happy anime watching.

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