Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2 – Release Date, & Other You Need To Know!

After its top episodes, its audience is waiting for Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2. What had let you here? Is it the anime, or its outstanding animation? Well, the anime is the top rated that collected a good proportion of the audience. Finding something new and curious? Of course yes! Start Exploring.

The Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions anime is adapted from the manga series by Akira Amano. When the manga chapters are getting thrilling publishers think of getting into the anime world. And in 2023 it comes out with its episodes. Till now, its superb episodes have been live-streamed on online platforms. What stops you from scrolling the article, get to know the table and go for what you want to look for.

Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2: Release Date

We can not say exactly when we will expect the Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2. Currently, its first season is streaming live on the platforms. After which it becomes unpredictable what are the outputs related to its next part? See when season one ends, and we can move forward to its new season.

Do not get confused too much, we will update you when the officials will give any news about more related to the anime. For the latest updates related to the Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions visit our website. We will give you all the information related to the anime.

Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2: Overview

ParticularRon Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions
GenreCrime, Mystery
Total Season1
Total Episodes12
Season 2TBR
Original NetworkAT-X

Do you want to get an update on the Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions outline? What stops you when we are here? Let us start! The anime is all about the mysterious story that revolves around the Totomaru Isshiki. In the series, he is the main character. Well, after being the main personality of the story, you guys are thinking that he must be a professional & skilled personality. But guys sorry to say he is such an unskilled police officer who solved numerous crime cases.

When we deep dive into his character and story, we will get to know that at his schooling he was the top performer of the Detective Academy. Well, when you explore more episodes, you will find out that his license will get suspended and he got himself in isolation. What may be the outline be, you will love the story. Rely on us, and go for it!

Episode List, Run Date, Total Run Duration: Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions (S1):

Here, you will see about the episodes, and when Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Episode 12 comes out:

S.NoEpisodesRun DateTotal Run Duration
1The Case of the Metropolitan Serial Drownings2 October 202324 min
2The Case of the Locked-Room Piggy Bank Theft9 October 202323 min
3The Case of the Benizome Hot Spring Murder (Part 1)16 October 202323 min
4The Case of the Benizome Hot Spring Murder (Part 2)23 October 202323 min
5The Case of the Hand Collector30 October 202323 min
6The Case of the Live Broadcast Murder6 November 202323 min
7The Case of the Observatory Murder (Part 1)13 November 202323 min
8The Case of the Observatory Murder (Part 2)20 November 202323 min
9The Case of the Observatory Murder (Part 3)27 November 202323 min
10The Case of the Poisoned Latte4 December 202323 min
11The Case of the Mad Chameleon Murder11 December 202323 min
12Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Ep 1218 December 202323 min

Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2: Cast & Staff Members

Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2: Cast & Staff Members

I. Cast And Characters (Japanese)

  • Ron Kamonohashi voiced by Youhei Azakami
  • Totomaru Isshiki voiced by Junya Enoki
  • Amamiya voiced by Youko Hikasa
  • Mofu Usaki voiced by Nao Touyama
  • Omito Kawasemi voiced by Jun Fukuyama

II. Staff Members

  • Creator: Akira Amano
  • Director: Shouta Ibata
  • Music: Yo Tsuji
  • Character Designer: Masakazu Ishikawa

What Is The Audience View On Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2?

Finding the audience view for the Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2? Let us know that the show gets the best from its audience. The best thing that will keep you updated related to the anime is its audience views. Later, you will also get to know that the show will be worth watching.

Is Any Trailer Available for Ron Komonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available for Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2. To cover its outline, you can refer to the Season 1 trailer:

How To Watch Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Season 2?

To get in touch with the episodes, you can go through the different platforms. But our recommendations will take you to the top platform,i.e., Crunchyroll. It will lead you to every episode and you will never miss out on anything. When you reach the platform, you will watch the first three episodes for free, but after that, all episodes are available on premium. So, to continue watching your anime take the subscription plan and let it be in continuation.

What is most expected by the viewers is that they will never let out anything that will spoil their anime watching. So, yes it is one of them, and after watching the anime, you will love it! Show your reviews in the comment section that you love the most.


Well, there is not any such update related to its second season. But whenever we will get any information related to its second part we will inform you with its complete information. Until you can watch the first season and enjoy the anime. Complete the anime with Ron Komonohashis Forbidden Deductions Ep 12.

Stay tuned with us, we will let you know about every anime that completes your anime list. If you have any information that you want to know from us contact us. Feel free to suggest anything, we always welcome your suggestions.


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