Remake Our Life Season 2: Outline, Predictions, Cast, And Teaser

The Remake Our Life Season 2 is an anime for which its audience has been waiting for a long. As per the last season of the anime, everyone lost hope that a new season would come up. Looking at your worried expressions will get somewhere cleared when you move with the article below. We will update you with the latest information for the anime that you want to look at. Never lose any thread while moving to the points of the article, otherwise, you will miss the chance to read the points related to the same.

Overview of the Anime

ParticularRemake Our Life
GenreVolume cover
Directed ByTomoki Kobayashi
Produced ByMikito Kyo, Takuya Matsumoto, Yuusuke Oonuki, Hideyuki Yoshimura, Yasuhiro Atobe
Music ByYusuke Takeda
Original NetworkAT-X, SUN, HTB, SBS, Tokyo MX
Run Date3 July 2021 to 25 September 2021

Remake Our Life Season 2: Rumours Regarding Release Date

What will entertain and freshen up your mood when you see the latest information about the Remake Our Life Season 2? While Season One came in 2021, we were not aware of the facts related to the second season. Now, after seeing such a good rating from the platforms it is expected that within the start of 2024, we can see some official news related to it.

However, Season One ended in September 2021, and we can now be in touch related to the same in the coming episodes of the anime. The gap between the anime’s seasons becomes too much so before moving to the new portion, you must overlook Season One. So that, you can get in touch with the past happenings in the anime which will keep your fun at the same pace.

Audience Views for the Remake Our Life Anime

What will affect the many things related to the next season, or other parts of the anime is the audience’s views. We can only enhance the gatherings of the season when we will rate the anime accordingly. As per the platforms, the anime received unique ratings. When we come to the IMDB list, there is a rating of 7 stars out of 10. On MyAnime List, you will see the anime at the stand of 7.4 out of 10.

Outline of Season One & Expectations from Remake Our Life Season 2

Outline of Season One & Expectations from Remake Our Life Season 2

When we look at the plot of Remake Our Life Season 2, it is seen that there are several performances that will be performed by the characters in the anime. In it, Kyoya Hashiba is the main character who is not usually satisfied with his life. So, when suddenly he gets the advantage of getting into his past he never missed such a precious opportunity. He went back to his past life almost 10 years ago where he can change all his art things and other related things to his life.

Moreover, with the Season, you will get into deep down into the character’s role where you may get lost. As expected due to the ratings and other criteria related to Season One, high chances get developed related to the next part. Be in touch with our website, you will see some of the best things related to each anime.

Episode list of the Remake Our Life Season 1

S. NoEpisode NameRun Date
1Nothing Was Working Out3 July 2021
2Ten Years Back in Time10 July 2021
3Just Who Am I?17 July 2021
4Consider What You Can Do24 July 2021
5Reveal Your Feelings7 August 2021
6We Will Figure It Out14 August 2021
7Tackling Awkward Situations21 August 2021
8Produce Results28 August 2021
9Showing Off4 September 2021
10Learn Lessons11 September 2021
11Be Prepared18 September 2021
12Facing Forward Again25 September 2021

Remake Our Life Season 2: Cast And Characters

The cast of characters will let you know who you will see in the next coming episodes. You can look here which will help you know more about it in detail. Well, these things will keep your anime watching simpler and you can have such a good experience of the anime.

  • Aoi Koga as Aki Shino
  • Aimi Terakawa as Nanako Kogure
  • Haruki Ishiya as Tsurayuki Rokunji
  • Masahiro Itou as Kyoya Hashiba
  • Nao Touyama as Eiko Kawasega
  • Rae Takahashi as Ayaka Minori

Remake Our Life Season 2: Enough Source Material

It is seen that there is more than enough material available for the Remake Our Life Season 2. So, there is no chance that the anime will become a spoiler among its audience. Also, with the reviews and rating of the audience, the chances of the anime has arisen. With time, we will be able to see the official news related to the anime portion of the same. But till now, maintained a balance between the other anime present in the anime world as with patience we can anticipate the official news.


What to Choose to See Remake Our Life Season 2?

If you are confused about where you can go through the complete Remake Our Life Season 2, then be relaxed at that point. Here, you will see everything related to the anime that will sort out all your hurdles. Well, when we look at the platforms there are no limits. But when we move to some specific platforms, you can choose between Crunchyroll and BiliBili. Take a step and move to these platforms, you will see various features to see the anime. In fact, you can also dub the anime in the language which you want. So, what you are looking for, reach out to the platforms to enjoy your time.


At present, there is no official reaser present of the Remake Our Life Season 2. If you want to know about the outline of the anime then you can check out the Season One teaser. After which you can promptly identify the outline of the anime.


What we can expect from Season 2 is that we can wait for it. However, Season 2 will not confuse its audience as we have seen through the ratings and other things. With time, we can have a look at the overview and other scripts related to the same. Keep in touch with our website, you will get every little news related to the anime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When the Remake Our Life Season One come?

In 2021, the Remake Our Life Season One came.

2. Can we predict for the Remake Our Life Season 2?

Yes, we can predict the Remake Our Life Season 2.

3. Is the teaser out for the Remake Our Life Season 2?

No, the teaser is not out for the Remake Our Life Season 2.

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