Plastic Memories Season 2 Author Hints The Series Return In 2024

Plastic Memories Season 2 became the most awaited part as its last season came in 2015. Excited to know about it? So, move here!

The Plastic Memories started in 2015 with a different outline unrelated to any manga anywhere. After which it is seen that the producers can think and catch the vibes back to their viewers. So, what are your views related to it? Anyhow, see more about this anime in detail below:

Plastic Memories Season 2: Release Date

After gathering some information we have touched the point that the Plastic Memories ended in 2015. After which there are no more talks related to Season Two. But all things depend on the officials when they think about it and tell us about the Plastic Memories Season 2 release date. Stay tuned with us, we will let you know whenever there is an official announcement related to it.

About: Plastic Memories Anime

Here, if you are unaware of the Plastic Memories Anime then we will help you connect through it. Excited? Keep scrolling, you will get all the things as per your expectations:

About: Plastic Memories Anime

I. Overview

  • Genre: Comedy Drama, Science Fiction, Romance
  • Seasons: 1
  • Season 2: TBR
  • Originality: Japan
  • Original Network: TV Tokyo, AT-X, ABC, BS11
  • Run Period(S2): 5 April 2015 – 28 June 2015

II. Outline

When you start exploring Plastic Memories, you will get a deep dive into it. The story is about Singapore City which tells about the future. It is predicted that in the coming time, the human place will be taken by the Androids. When you keep scrolling the anime, you will see the SAI Corp company which has introduced the Giftia model. However, there is a time limit to this model. Explore it and find out what happens next if the model’s date expires.

Episode List, Run Date: Plastic Memories

S.NoEpisode NameRun Date
1The First Partner5 April 2015
2Do not Want to Cause Trouble12 April 2015
3We have Just Started Living Together19 April 2015
4I Just Do not Know How to Smile26 April 2015
5The Promise I Wanted to Keep3 May 2015
6Welcome Home the Both of Us10 May 2015
7How to Ask Her Out17 May 2015
8The Fireworks I have Never Seen24 May 2015
9After the Festival1 June 2015
10No Longer Partners7 June 2015
11Rice Omelette Day14 June 2015
12Filling Up with Memories21 June 2015
13I Hope One Day, You Will Be Reunited28 June 2015

Plastic Memories Season 2: Cast And Staff Members

I. (a) Main (Cast & Characters)

Main CharactersCast
IslaSora Amamiya
Tsukasa MizugakiYasuaki Takumi

I. (b) Secondary (Cast & Characters)

Secondary CharactersCast
ConstanceSatoshi Hino
Eru MiruSumire Uesaka
Kazuki KuwanomiMegumi Toyoguchi

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorYoshiyuki Fujiwara
WriterNaotaka Hayashi
MusicMasaru Yokoyama
StudioDoga Kobo

What Are The Ratings For Plastic Memories Season 2?

Keep scrolling for the Plastic Memories Season 2 and get stuck on whether it is worth watching. So, for it, we have the best thing for you. Try to look at the Plastic Memories ratings and you will get your answers:

IMDb List7.3/10
MyAnime List7.9/10
Anime Planet3.9/5

Is There Any Trailer?

No, there is no Plastic Memories Season 2 trailer. But to catch back the Plastic Memories Anime vibes, glance at it:

Where To Watch Plastic Memories Season 2?

The top platforms that will offer you the opportunity to watch Plastic Memories Season 2 are Crunchyroll and Funimation. Explore these platforms, if you find them interesting. Moreover, when there is any update related to Season 2 we give you the list. Presently, you can only watch Season One.


Getting the things is not easy, but here we have shortlisted everything for you in detail. I hope that you get what you were looking for. You can also look at it out and explore yourself in the Plastic Memories anime. Go, and watch season one’s episodes.


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