Pharmacists Monologue Season 2: What Can We Anticipate the Best from it?

Are you curious to know when the Pharmacists Monologue Season 2 will come on the official website? Or do you want it to get completed and released by the new season within the minimum time by the officials? Now, no one expects that when will the season come. However, for more details related to the series, you can read the article.

Overview of Pharmacists Monologue

ParticularPharmacists Monologue Season 2
GenreDrama, Mystery
Directed byNaganuma, Norihiro
Produced byTOHO animation, Imagica Infos, Shogakukan
Designed byYuhiko Nakatani
PlatformNNS, Nippon TV

The anime’s first season consists of a fictional story of a country. In the anime, you will see the Maomao the main character. She is a young girl who prefers her career as an apothecary in the red light district. While working, she got kidnapped and the kidnappers sold her to a palace. The palace is the Imperial Palace and she worked as a servant at the palace. See the twisting part of the anime about how she becomes a good person for the emperor.

Pharmacists Monologue Season 2: Cast & Characters

Pharmacists Monologue Season 2: Cast & Characters

The list of cast & characters of Pharmacists Monologue Season 2 will give you an overview of the different characters. You can see by what name they are performing their role in the anime. Watch the anime, and enjoy your time.

  • Aoi Yuuki voiced by Maomao
  • Takeo Otsuka voiced by Jinshi
Aoi YuukiMaomao
Takeo OtsukaJinshi
Atsumi TanezakiGyokuyou
Yuuko KaidaAh-Duo
Yui IshikawaLihua
Hina KinoLishu
Katsuyuki KonishiGaoshun
Kimiko SaitouMadam
Hiroki NanamiJoka


When Can I Expect the Pharmacists Monologue Season 2?

The official news for the updation of the Pharmacists Monologue Season 2 has not been officially announced. We can only see when they go and take a step toward the next season. Now, you can watch the current season of the anime. The adventure story has covered a great outline of the anime with its different characters. You can move to watch its trailer and other things.

What Are the Ratings of Pharmacists Monologue Season 2?

The complete ratings of the show differ on the different platforms. The ratings of the Pharmacists Monologue Season 2 will come when the season gets updated by the publishers. In addition to the different platforms, IMDB ratings are 8.5 out of 10 whereas My Anime List rates the series with an 8.7 score. The adventurous story created and boosted the audience for the anime.

Where to Watch Pharmacists Monologue Season 2?

Watching anime is not a difficult task, but sometimes finding the platforms where you can watch the anime becomes one of the tasks that you have never examined. Do not worry too much, we here come with different platforms that will help you know about the available watchable platforms.

You can move to the Crunchyroll for the live-streamed episodes, you can watch the anime on NNS or Nippon TV for the current episodes. It is estimated that there are 24 episodes in the anime which will create curiosity in the mind of readers.

Pharmacists Monologue Season 1: Episode List

S. NO.Episode NameRun Date (Season One)
1Maomao22 October 2023
2Chilly Apothecary22 October 2023
3The Unsettling Matter of the Spirit22 October 2023
4The Threat29 October 2023
5Covert Operations6 November 2023
6The Garden Party12 November 2023
7Homecoming Transcription: Satogaeri19 November 2023
8Wheat Stalks (TO BE RELEASED)26 November 2023
9TO BE RELEASED3 December 2023
10TO BE RELEASED10 December 2023

Is the Trailer Out for the Pharmacists Monologue Season 2?

No, the trailer of the Pharmacists Monologue Season 2 is not out. You can not watch the trailer till the publishers will release it on its official platform. However, you can watch the Season 1 platform on the platform to see the story’s outline. After looking at the trailer, you can gain interest in the series. And you want to see how the characters are performing their role. So, what to look more? Go and watch the trailer.

Final Verdict

From the article, you have seen that at the time, there was no official news related to the new season of the anime. It is only expected that with 2024 we can only move ahead for the expectation of Pharmacists Monologue Season 2.  Now, you can watch the different anime, if you have watched the first season’s episodes. In case not, you can move ahead for the first seasons on the online platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions of Pharmacists Monologue Season 2

1. Is Pharmacists Monologue Season One completed?

No, the Pharmacists Monologue Season One is not completed.

2. What are the IMDB ratings for the Season One?

The IMDB ratings are 8.5 for the Season One.

3. Who is the main character of Pharmacists Monologue?

Maomao is the main character of Pharmacists Monologue.

4. What are the online platforms to watch Pharmacists Monologue?

NNS and Nippon TV are the online platforms to watch Pharmacists Monologue.

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