Will There Be Nisekoi Season 3? (Updated in 2024)

Nisekoi Season 3 is the part for which everyone is looking for. So do not let me search for it, just move it out with the below article. We know that the show waits all its users all long but see what will be next!

We will help you out with the different things that you want to attain just be in touch with the article. Well, it will be Nisekoi Season 1 or Nisekoi Season 2, you will the information related to the Nisekoi cast, trailer, and more. Start moving, and get!

Nisekoi Season 3: Release Date

Excited to know about Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date? So, here let you know from our sources that the anime show is not getting any updates from the officials for it. When there will be any updates for the show, we will let you know more about it in detail. The Nisekoi anime came out a long ago with its two seasons now see when the officials will take a step towards it.

About: Nisekoi

About: Nisekoi

I. Overview

  • Genre: Romantic comedy
  • Seasons: 2
  • Season 3: TBR
  • Original Network: MBC, ABC, TV Tokyo, BS 11
  • Run Period: 11 January 2014 – 4 January 2016

II. Outline

Well, see when the Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date Countdown starts let us look more at what the Nisekoi anime is about. In the anime, you will see the High School story which revolves around the Raku Ichijo who is the son of Yakuza. The romantic comedy story will meet you with different characters like the Chitoge Kirisaki who is the daughter of a boss. Look at the anime, and see how they will meet and how the love story starts. Well revolving around the anime, will show you the different twists that you can explore though. See what is the top that entertains you.

Nisekoi Season 3: Episode Layout (S1 & S2)

  • Nisekoi Season 1 from 11 January 2014 to 3 October 2014 with a list of 20 episodes.
  • Nisekoi Season 2 from 10 April 2015 to 26 June 2015 with a list of 12 episodes.
  • Nisekoi Season 3 countdown started see when it will come out between us.

Nisekoi Season 3: Cast And Staff Members


I. (a) Main (Cast & Characters)

Main CharactersCast
Chitoge KirisakiNao Touyama
Kosaki OnoderaKana Hanazawa
Raku IchijoKouki Uchiyama

I. (b) Secondary (Cast & Characters)

Secondary CharactersCast
ClaudeTakehito Koyasu
Marika TachibanaKana Asumi
Ruri MiyamotoYumi Uchiyama

I. (c) Minor (Cast & Characters)

Minor CharactersCast

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorAkiyuki Shinbo
WriterAkiyuki Shinbo
MusicKakeru Ishihama

What Are The Ratings For the Nisekoi Season 3?

When we revolve around the ratings, it is seen that the Nisekoi Season 3 ratings are different as per the platforms. It becomes a must for a time to look at the ratings, otherwise, there will be some things that you will not get to know. See what are its ratings:

IMDb List7.2/10
MyAnime List7.4/10
Anime Planet3.8/5

Is Trailer Available For Nisekoi Season 3?

No, there is not any Nisekoi Season 3 trailer, go with the Nisekoi Season 2 trailer and get in touch with the show outline:

Where To Watch Nisekoi Season 3?

Well if you are looking for the show to view online then it is not confirmed that the season will be out. But it is also sure that Nisekoi Season 3 cancelled is not. So when it comes we will let you know more about it. At present, you can move with the earlier show parts which will give you the outstanding show performance look. For it, you can go to Crunchyroll where you get the show’s each episode.


Well, it is not confined Is Nisekoi getting a Season 3? But soon we can expect that the officials will come out with it outline. Well, now you can explore another anime in the anime world that you like the most. For it, we have a list that will help you to shortlist the best one.


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