New Dragon Ball Daima Anime Reveals Staff Members

Here, you will see the new members of the New Dragon Ball Daima. It will excite you and your route to the anime. Generally, looking over the new members in the anime will reveal something new to it. See what we can expect from the new staff members of this anime.

Overview of New Dragon Ball Daima

Moreover, in the New Dragon Ball Daima, you will see that it is one of the animes that came in 1984 by Toriyama. Let us categorize the anime more in detail.

ParticularNew Dragon Ball Daima
CategoryJapenese Anime
CreatorAkira Toriyama
Original Run1984-1995

Role of Personalities in New Dragon Ball Daima

In the anime, you will see the two directors for this anime,i.e., Aya Komaki with Yoshitaka Yashima. Yuuko Kakihara will play the role of the in charge of the script. Moreover, it is also seen that the personality named Katusyoshi Nakatsuru will handle the role of some character designs. And there is a comeback of Masako Nozawa as the voiceover of the anime character Goku.

Akira Toriyama performs the role of designing the characters for the complete series. Later, you see that the character’s role revolves around the Z characters. It is not enough, you will also see the Supreme Kai.

Announcements of New Dragon Ball Daima

It is not officially announced when the New Dragon Ball Daima will come but from the sources, it is expected that it will fall in 2024. When it did not come there were rumors that the anime would come at NYCC this year and there were different characters of Goku and Kaioshin that would turn into demons.

After this, the anime was converted into two different categories which are produced by Toei Animation. Both categories consist of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

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