Migi and Dali Season 2 Officially Confirmed + Release Date

Migi and Dali Season 2, so are you here after its season one ending? So, what would be great other than this? Are there updates related to its Season 2? Get in touch with us we will make you aware of everything in detail.

Migi and Dali is an adaptation of the Japanese Migi and Dali manga. When it gets started it first comes on the Enterbrain Seinen magazine named Harta. With its manga starting in 2017 it moved to the anime creation and revealed its marvelous chapters in 2023. Presently, all the seasons are out, go and see what you love the most in the dark mystery story. Along with it, you will also see about Migi and Dali anime where to watch. Do not miss anything, just skip to the good part.

Migi and Dali Season 2: Release Date

Well, when we move to the Migi and Dali Season 2 release date it is seen that its first season ended instantly. After this, we can hope that officials will think over the second part and release it if they find it satisfactory. When there is any update related to it, we will never leave you behind others. So, now you must watch season one and its thrilling character’s role.

Migi and Dali Season 2: Overview & Outline

Migi and Dali Season 2: Overview & Outline

I. Overview

  • Genre: Surreal comedy, mystery
  • Seasons: 1
  • Season 2: TBR
  • Originality: Japan
  • Original Network: TV Tokyo, BS11
  • Run Period(S2): 2 October 2023– 18 December 2023

II. Outline


In Migi and Dali, you will see a comedy and mysterious story that will let you know who killed Migi and Dali mom. When you start watching the anime, you will see there is a child who gets adopted named Hitori. But one thing is that he only knows his dark secret. Find out about it, what you will get when you see two personalities in a single. Do not forget to mention what you love in the below section. This terrifying story will let you be in touch with different hidden secrets.

Episode List, Run Date, Duration: Migi and Dali

S.NoEpisodesRun DateTotal Run Duration
1Migi and Dali Episode 12 October 202323 min
2Welcome Party9 October 202323 min
3Let’s Make Friends16 October 202323 min
4Be a Good Student23 October 202323 min
5Water Flea’s Song30 October 202323 min
6Who Killed the Parent Bird?6 November 202323 min
7It Wasn’t a Ghost13 November 202323 min
8Two ≠ One20 November 202323 min
9Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill27 November 202323 min
10Beavers vs Mother Ichijo4 November 202323 min
11Upside-Down Woman11 December 202323 min
12Our Revenge18 December 202323 min

Migi and Dali Season 2: Cast And Staff Members

I. Cast And Characters (Japanese)

  • Migi voiced by Shun Horie
  • Dali voiced by Ayumu Murase
  • Shunpei Akiyama voiced by Shintaro Asanuma
  • Maruta Tsutsumi voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi

II. Staff Members

  • Director: Mankyu
  • Writer: Mankyu
  • Music: Hiroko Sebu
  • Studio: Geek Toys

What Are The Ratings For Migi and Dali Season 2?

When we move forward and see Migi and Dali Season 2 ratings, it is seen that the show is rated as per its audience reviews on season one. So, what to wait for more when we have the list created for the show? It will help you know more about it in detail, and you will also get to know that it is worth watching.

IMDb List6.3/10
MyAnime List7.3/10
Anime Planet3/5

Is The Migi and Dali Season 2 Trailer Available?

No, we have no information related to the Migi and Dali Season 2 Trailer. When have updates we will let you know. Go through the below trailer, it will help you cover the complete outline and its other parts:

Where To Watch Migi and Dali Season 2?

I scrolled and found nothing related to the Migi and Dali anime where to watch? Is it your troublesome? So, do not worry, we here have the best part which will tell you what are the different platforms where you can go through its videos online. The top platform is Crunchyroll which offers you the chance to download the episodes and watch them in your comfort.

Moreover, you can also go through Migi and Dali ending with its available episodes on Migi and Dali Season 2 Netflix. All the episodes are out and now the list is also created as wise. So, for whom you are waiting? Go and start enjoying the season.

Migi and Dali Season 2 Summary

The Migi and Dali Season 2 will out be soon. Recently, the publisher has ended its season one streaming out. So, we have to look at when they give any confirmation related to season two. Do not mention what you like the most in the anime. We will appreciate your comments on our platform.

Until, go through it:

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