Mieruko-Chan Season 2 Release Date: A Ghost Spiritual Anime Story

Here, are you searching for the latest news for the Mieruko-Chan Season 2? So, yes you are at the right place, you will get every update with the article. It does not matter what you are looking for, you can go below and search for the point for which you want any solution. Well, the season has captured a great value in the hearts of the audience. That’s why its viewers are demanding the next season within the time.

Before moving forward we must suggest that you follow the way that will fit your suitable. We here give you the throwback of season one after which you can get to cover the covering and be in touch with the anime concept. However, it also lets you know what the next part of the season will cover.

Mieruko-Chan Season 2: Overview of Season One

The Mieruko-Chan Season 1 is a horror and comedy genre anime series that will entertain you throughout its episodes. In the anime, you will see Miko Yotsuya as the main character who has the ability to see spirits and ghosts. This is not a good thing for her as it becomes fearful for her. She wants to get rid of it and tries her best to ignore the ghost’s existence to live a normal life.

But it becomes a routine thing for her that’s why all around her she starts seeing the ghosts whether you talk about school, vending machines, locker room, bathroom, or other places. The different chapters of the anime will show you the other criteria that will enter you into the script.

Wherby at the end she was thinking about what may be the reason behind this thing happening to her. Watch the complete anime series and see what will be the most exciting part that you will like.

Will There Be Mieruko-Chan Season 2?

There is too much talk related to the Mieruko-Chan Season 2, well it is not updated by the officials whether the season will come back with its episodes or not. But we can predict that the season will come as it is appreciated by the audience a lot. So, we can hope for the anime’s next season.

When you move to watch the first season, you will see a set of 12 episodes in it. That complete episode will clear your queries related to the character and you will enjoy watching the anime.

Mieruko-Chan Season 2: Cast And Staff Members

When you move ahead and see the persons who are behind it, you will learn how they have put their efforts into making its complete episodes. So, why are you still here, go and see some of the personalities that will enthusiasm your mood.

I. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorYuki Ogawa
ProducerMasaki Arimura
WriterKenta Ihara
MusicKana Utatane

II. Cast & Characters

Sora AmamiyaMiko Yotsuya
Ikuko TaniGod Mother
Kaede HondoHana Yurikawa
Yumiri HanamoriKyosuke Yotsuya
Ayane SakuraYuria Niguredo

What Are The Audience Views For The Mieruko-Chan Season 2?

When we look at the audience’s views, we see the different things in it. Well, the audience has rated the show with their heart and people are still waiting for season two. So, it is seen how much they loved the first season.

In the IMDB list, the show gains 7.2 stars whereas in MyAnime List, you will see 7.4 stars out of 10. It is such a good overview after which we can say that you must look at the idea of watching the anime. Moreover, it is seen that in the coming year 2024, we will able to get some official notification related to the anime.

Trailer of Mieruko-Chan Season 2?

No, at present there is not any trailer available for the Mieruko-Chan Season 2. We will inform you with the complete information when there is some news related to it. Till now you can only enjoy its season one trailer. After which you can cover the outline and enjoy watching the show.

Where to Watch Mieruko-Chan Season 2?

If you have thought that you want to move ahead to watch the Mieruko-Chan Season 2, you can lead to the top platforms that will entertain you with the extra features available. Yes, You read it right, when you choose the Crunchyroll platform to see the anime you will get the chance to watch it in the dubbed form. It is not only available in only English but also you can convert it into your favorite language.


With the above, you have seen that things are not related to the Mieruko-Chan Season 2. So, yes you have to wait for it if you want to see the anime season. It will come then we will update you with the latest links and other parts.

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