Masako Nozawa, the Voice of Son Goku, Wants to Voice Act Until She’s 182: Her Inspiring Speech at the 71st Kikuchi Kan Prize Ceremony

Hey there fellow anime fans! I’ve got some pretty cool news to share about the legendary voice actress Masako Nozawa. You know her as the voice of Son Goku from Dragon Ball! Well, Masako-san was just honoured with a big award in Japan for her iconic career, and she gave a fun little speech that’s got everyone smiling.

What is the Kikuchi Kan Prize?

The Kikuchi Kan Prize is one of Japan’s highest cultural honours, awarded annually to luminaries across literature, arts, academics and entertainment. Past recipients include directors Akira Kurosawa and Hayao Miyazaki, highlighting the breadth of achievement the prize recognises.

What did Masako Nozawa say in her speech?

Masako Nozawa, who is 87 years old, expressed her gratitude and humility for receiving the award, saying, “I’m incredibly happy to receive such a wonderful award, but I think there must be someone more deserving than me.” She also thanked her fans and colleagues for their support and encouragement.

However, the highlight of her speech was when she revealed her ambitious plan for the future, stating, “I love the job of a voice actor. I plan to continue until I’m 182 years old.” She explained that the number 182 came up spontaneously, but it was a number that she liked. She said, “I want to live until 182 and speak words that everyone can hear, or rather, I absolutely want to do that.”


What are her roles?

What makes Masako Nozawa’s 6-decade career so remarkable is her versatility in playing both male and female roles across all generations. Dubbed “The Eternal Boy”, Nozawa’s most iconic role remains the young hero Son Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise whom she has voiced since the 1980s.

She has also won many awards and honours, such as the Guinness World Record for the longest career as a video game voice actor, and the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon from the Japanese government.

Additionally, Nozawa has brought to life characters from (Doraemon), (GeGeGe no Kitaro), (Galaxy Express 999) and even video games like (Shenmue). With over 400 credits, the depth of Nozawa’s voiceover repertoire is unrivalled. And with upcoming roles in new Dragon Ball projects, her journey is far from over.


Masako-san’s heartfelt words just showed how much she still adores voice acting, even after all these years. The way she sets goals to keep going into her 180s, you can tell entertaining fans means everything to her. 

No wonder she’s a total icon and inspiration for any young anime lover wanting to get into the industry! With that legendary voice giving life to Goku spanning generations now, Masako Nozawa simply is the eternal voice of Dragon Ball to us.

Source: Oricon

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