Kuromukuro Season 3 – Release Date, Cast, Episode List, Trailer

The Kuromukuro Season 3 becomes one of the animes in the hearts of people that they want to come shortly. It has shown its last two episodes since 2016 and till now there is not any single update related to it. But as per its story outline and character’s role people are still waiting for official confirmation. Are you also getting the same question in mind when it will come? Relax your mind, here with the article you will get anime-related updates.

The anime’s first and second seasons came 7 years ago with 13 episodes each. Now, the thing to look at it that how it has created such a good time with the audience. For it, we must know what it is about. So, are you ready to know what the anime is related to? Scroll down definitely you will get the answer to it.

Kuromukuro Season 3: Outline Season 1 & Season 2

The anime story is about ancient history, when we look 450 years ago there was a special force known as Efi Dorg. In the anime, there is a Washiba Clan that falls victim to its heir Yukihime, and Kennosuke as a Samurai fights back. The series is based on a High International School and a student,i.e., Samurai. They were born in the Sengoku period and in the present, they are at the artifact,i.e., Cube. With the episodes, you will see the story of the past that we discussed at the start it is all about invading Earth with a special mission.

The Samurai pilots the Dorg mecha dubbed the Black Relic with the student. As a result, their fighting to prevent the Dorg seemed like an accomplishment. Go with the series’ episodes on Netflix, and see what happens on the next episodes. You will enjoy it when you start watching it.

Episode List, Run Date & Run Time: Season 1 & Season 2

Episode List, Run Date & Run Time: Season 1 & Season
S.NoEpisode Name (S1)Run Date (S1)Run Time (S1)Episode Name (S2)Run Date (S2)Run Time (S2)
1A Rain of Ogres from the Sky7 April 201624 minA Clash of Wills1 July 201624 min
2The Black Shell Awakens14 April 201624 minDifficult Choices8 July 201624 min
3The Silent Walls of a Castle Ruins21 April 201624 minYou Don’t Know Me22 July 201624 min
4A Strange, New World28 April 201624 minDance in the Clouds28 July 201624 min
5The Samurai Goes to School5 May 201624 minVapor Ever Rising4 Aug 2016 24 min
6Face-Off at Jinzu River12 May 201624 minAn Invitation from an Ogre11 Aug 201624 min
7Memories of Regret19 May 201624 minInto the Fire18 Aug 201624 min
8Memories of Regret26 May 201624 minWriting on the Wall25 Aug 201624 min
9The Ogre’s Message2 June 201624 minTears of a Narcissus1 Sept 201624 min
10The Arrogant Captive9 June 201624 minA Tale of Two Frogs8 Sept 201624 min
11Truth Shrouded in Darkness16 June 201624 minBloodshed at Kurobe15 Sept 201624 min
12Summer Hell Camp in Kurobe23 June 201624 minDream of the Ogre22 Sept 201624 min
13Welcome to the Festival30 June 201624 minA Samurai Never Looks Back29 Sept 201624 min

Kuromukuro Season 3: Release Date

Looking at the release date for the upcoming part becomes a question and till now nobody can answer about the confirmed dates. Due to no announcement by the officials, it is only seen that we have to wait for some more period. Let us see when the officials will think and announce about it.

Kuromukuro Season 3: Cast & Staff Members

I. Main (Cast And Characters)

Main CharactersCast
Kennosuke Tokisada OumaYohei AzakamiBryce Papenbrook 
Yukina ShirahaneMao Ichimichi Cherami Leigh
MuettaAki Toyosaki  Kira Buckland 
Sophie Noel Reina UedaMelissa Fahn 

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorTensai Okamura
ProducerHirotaka Kaneko
WriterRyo Higaki
MusicHiroaki Tsutsumi

How The Audience Shows Its Love Towards Kuromukuro Season 3?

The audience shows their love when they find the anime related to their interest. See more, about how the anime got the love from the audience.

IMDb List7.2/10
MyAnime List7.1/10

Is Trailer Kuromukuro Season 3 Available?

No, there is not any news related to its trailer. What you can do if you are curious to see its trailer is to look at the season 2 trailer.

Online Platform For Kuromukuro Season 3?

For Kuromukuro Season 3, you can move to Netflix its original platform. At it, you will get a list of episodes according to the season. Further, this will help you to see the anime as per your conform. The English dubbed version of it will indulge you in the anime world. So, what to wait for more? Get and enjoy the anime’s seasons!

Final Verdict

At last, we can conclude that the season will come soon as per the date, we can only see its last two seasons. It will help you to look at the categories that you want to look at. Looking at the episode list, and their run time makes everything simpler for you. Get to the anime and stay tuned for more anime-related updates.


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