Will There Be Full Metal Panic Season 5? (Updated in 2023)

Full Metal Panic Season 5, the most exciting part is that till now our viewers are waiting for it. Until now, four seasons have entertained the audience too much. Get yourself updated with the anime and see what we can expect for the next season.

Leading you to more details we will give you only information related to the next part. But as it has four seasons yet to come out, we must know somewhere about its earlier seasons. So, why are you still thinking about the anime? Go with the below article to learn more about the anime world.

Full Metal Panic Season 5: Overview of All Earlier Four Seasons 

When we look at the Full Metal Panic Anime, it is an anime based on action and military. The complete anime series is a manga adaptation. In the anime, you will see a high school girl student named Kaname Chidori.

When you will start watching the series it follows Sousuke Sagara who is a member of the covert anti-terrorist organization. It is also known as Mithril in which the main character is getting protection. Looking forward to seeing the anime episodes there is a transition that the Chidori moved to Japan for their studies.

The twisted part of the anime episodes will show you that Chidori gets to know about the unrevealed moments of getting protection from Sousuke. After which there were no more discussions related to why she is being protected. She is completely unaware of the complete things.

Season One came in 2002 with the adaptation of Manga by the Gonzo producer. Well, another part related to anime came under Kyoto Animation in 2003 where you will see a companion series. Moreover, in 2005, Season 3 of the anime came out with the continuation of Season One. Well, the Seasons are not enough then comes Season Four where it becomes now Full Metal Panic! Invisible victory with a series of 13 episodes.

Particular Full Metal Panic Anime (Episodes)
Full Metal Panic Season 124
Full Metal Panic Season 213
Full Metal Panic Season 312
Full Metal Panic Season 412

Will There Be Full Metal Panic Season 5?

Full Metal Panic Season 5 Release

Well, at present there is no such notification that will help us to know whether there will be Full Metal Panic Season 5. It is due to the ungiven notification by the officials. We will update you with the latest dates when it will be released.

Do not lose hope. We have hope for the next season with full enthusiasm. Because the anime series is adapted from the manga which has enough source material. So, let us see when the officials will announce the dates.

Full Metal Panic Season 5: Cast & Staff MembersCast and Characters

I. Cast and Characters

Sagara, SousukeSeki, Tomokazu
Chidori, KanameYukino, Satsuki
Testarossa, TelethaYukana
Mao, MelissaNeya, Michiko
Weber, KurzMiki, Shinichiro

II. Staff Members

Particular Staff Members 
DirectorsYasuhiro Takemoto
ProducersCook, Justin
WriterShoji Gatoh
MusicToshihiko Sahashi

What Are The Ratings of Full Metal Panic Season 5?

The ratings of the Full Metal Panic Season 5 move differently with the platforms. While checking the ratings, we have got the updates that in the IMDB list, it is 7.6 stars out of 10. Get updates with our website, we will keep you updated with information related to the anime series.

Full Metal Panic Season 5 Trailer

We have no information related to the Full Metal Panic Season 5 Trailer. So we can get the last season trailer for you. Enjoy and watch the anime series.

When And Where To Watch Full Metal Panic Season 5?

Watching the platforms to look for Full Metal Panic Season 5, you must look over the list. It will help you know the categories which will help you see the anime in dubbed form. One of which is Crunchyroll which will allow you to see in any of your favourite languages. Instead, there are other platforms like Netflix, Prime, and Funimation.


Here, it is seen that the season has four seasons and we can only predict the next season with the hope that its manga has too many adoptions to come. Be in touch with the website to learn more about the anime.

After All, if you have watched the anime series, you can move to some exciting animes.

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