Detective Conan The Million Dollar Signpost Anime Film Unleashes New Trailers, Visuals and Releases

Welcome to the captivating world of Detective Conan, where mysteries abound, and deductions are razor-sharp. In the 27th instalment, titled “Detective Conan The Million Dollar Signpost,” fans are in for a treat – a tantalizing blend of mystery, action, and perhaps a touch of romance. Let’s unravel the clues surrounding this highly anticipated film New Trailers, Visual and Releases.

Hold onto your magnifying glasses and sharpen your deductions, because the world’s greatest pint-sized detective is back!

A Visual Explosion: Hakodate Beckons with Glimmering Clues

The newly released Detective Conan The Million Dollar Signpost visual is more than just eye candy; it’s a cryptic puzzle piece urging fans to decipher its hidden secrets. Set in the picturesque Hakodate, Hokkaido, the lush mountains, vibrant city, and blushing Heiji Hattori and Kazuha Toyama create a breathtaking postcard. Yet, Kid the Phantom Thief’s trademark playing card floats ominously, hinting at a thrilling heist to unfold.

Beyond the Heist: A Tale of Treasure, Swords, and Hidden Pasts

The Million Dollar Signpost” hints at a deeper mystery woven into Hakodate’s history. Rumours swirl of a hidden treasure tied to the Onoe Zaibatsu, a powerful family with dark secrets. Among these whispers, a legendary Japanese sword emerges, promising a clash of history and action that will have even Conan on his toes.

A Visual Feast: Clues, Clashes, and Chills

The newly revealed visual is a masterpiece of mystery and intrigue. Conan Edogawa, surrounded by the bustling port city of Hakodate, gazes intently at a weathered signpost with cryptic symbols and a “Treasure Hunt” inscription. The backdrop of snow-capped mountains and vibrant city lights adds grandeur, while ominous shadows hint at the dangers beneath the surface.

Beyond the Beauty: A Story of Swords and Secrets

“The Million Dollar Signpost” promises a gripping story connected to a legendary samurai sword and the infamous Shinsengumi. Whispers of a hidden treasure and a powerful weapon add historical intrigue to the narrative. With Kaito Kid, the Phantom Thief, also in the mix, the film guarantees explosive twists.

Release Date of Detective Conan The Million Dollar Signpost

Mark your calendars for April 12th, 2024, as “Detective Conan The Million Dollar Signpost” is set to unleash its mysteries. The tantalizing trailer and visual fuel fan theories, ensure the wait is worth it. Gather your fellow sleuths, prepare for twists and turns, and get ready to crack the case with Conan and Heiji.

You can also watch Case Closed (Detective Conan) on Crunchyroll.


A Familiar Face in a New Landscape

Heiji Hattori, the fiery Osaka detective, takes centre stage in this film, potentially adding a layer of romantic tension with Kazuha Toyama. While Conan lends his sharp mind to the case, “The Million Dollar Signpost” promises a fresh perspective, giving devoted fans a chance to see their favourite Kansai detective in a new light.

While the setting might be fresh, the heart of the film remains true to the beloved Detective Conan formula. Conan shrunk to the size of a child, relying on his sharp intellect and keen observation skills. His trusty partners, Haibara Ai and the Detective Boys, offer comedic relief and unwavering support in the treacherous waters of Hakodate.

A Legacy of Mystery: Why You Can’t-Miss This Film

Detective Conan The Million Dollar Signpost” celebrates the franchise’s legacy with over 1,000 manga chapters, numerous anime episodes, and countless movies. This latest film promises a fresh adventure while honouring the elements that make the series beloved – thrilling mysteries, endearing characters, and a healthy dose of humour.


Detective Conan The Million Dollar Signpost hits Japanese theaters on April 12th, 2024. While an international release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, the buzz surrounding the film is already reaching a fever pitch. So, mark your calendars, dust off your detective hats, and get ready to join Conan and his friends on a thrilling journey into the heart of mystery, swordplay, and a million-dollar treasure!

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