Buddy Daddies Season 2: How Did The Audience Rate The Show?

Are you here in search of the Buddy Daddies Season 2? So, what exactly are you anticipating from Season 2? When it will come and how will the audience love the season after its release date? Move with the article to know everything about the season in detail.

ParticularBuddy Daddies Season 2
GenreAniplex, Nitroplus
DirectorYoshiyuki Asai
Original NetworkBS 11, TV Tokyo, Tokyo MX, GTV
Original Run7 January 2023 to 1 April 2023

Overview of Buddy Daddies Season 2

The enthusiasts of the story will let you in it as you continue it with its episodes. Get the exact news that you want to be in the next season. Move with the points, you will see what you were looking for.

S. NoEpisodes’ overviewRun Date
1Piece of Cake7 January 2023
2Kiss of Death14 January 2023
3Spice of Life21 January 2023
4What will be, Will be28 January 2023
5Crunch Time4 February 2023
6Love is Blind11 February 2023
7After Rain Comes Fair Weather18 February 2023
8Nothing Sick, Nothing Find25 February 2023
9No Sweet Without Sweat11 March 2023
10Lost At Sea18 March 2023
11Everyone will be Hypocrites25 March 2023
12Daughters Daddy1 April 2023

Season One is one of the best anime series which has attracted its audience within a few moments. The series came out with its episodes in January 2023, and it continued till April 2023. What is more exciting, you will see in the anime is a three-person family where no one is related to one another. These persons are Kazauki Kurusu, Miri, and Rei Suwa.

Release Date of Buddy Daddies Season 2

Yet, the official release date for Buddy Daddies Season 2 is not out by the authorities. Anime’s Season One came in 2023, all the episodes were between 7th January 2023 and 1st April 2023.

So, you can move and watch the anime on different platforms. But before moving to watch the platform you must know what are the different ratings of this anime. However, the anime got such a good response from its viewers and they gave it an outstanding review. See more, to know about everything related to the anime through its audience.

Characters of Buddy Daddies Season 1

Buddy Daddies Season 2 Characters
S. NoCharacters
1Kazuki Karusu
2Rei Suwa
3Miri Unasaka
4Kyutaro Kugi
5Anna Hanyu
6Yuzuku Karusu
7Karin Izumi
8Misaki Unasaka
9Ryo Ogino


What Are The Ratings of Buddy Daddies Season 2?

The ratings of the anime differ from platform to platform. It will help you know what are the different reviews of the viewers according to the online watching platforms. Some of them are top-watched platforms where people prefer to see the anime.

In the IMDB list, you will see 7.9 out of 10, whereas on Crunchyroll the anime has got the best ratings,i.e., 4.9 out of 5. Go and watch the amazing anime in the anime world. When you start watching the anime, you will start getting your interest in it.

Is the Trailer Out For Buddy Daddies Season 2?

No, the trailer for Buddy Daddies Season 2 is not out. With the Season One episodes that came in 2023, it is unexpected when the officials will release the official trailer.

To learn about the outline and characters of the anime, you can move to Season One. It will let you know about everything and you can see what are the characters involved in it.


Where to Watch Buddy Daddies Season 2?

To watch the anime series different platforms are present. No doubt, different online ways are present to watch the anime but we suggest you must go through these specific platforms. So, you must get the opportunity to watch the best anime with proper coverage of their scenes.

To see the Buddy Daddies Season 2, you can go through Crunchyroll, Apple TV, and Buddy Anime Project. The platforms will give you complete access in the dubbed form. You can see and categorize the language that you want to see.

Final Verdict

Here, you have seen that Season One came in 2023 with its all episodes. So, it is unpredictable when the Buddy Daddies Season 2. You can go and watch the Season One of the anime. It will show you the role of characters after you can identify whether the series is of interest.

For more details, related to any anime, you can visit our website. We here give you all the information related to the anime which will help you learn more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions Buddy Daddies Season 2

1. What is the rating of Buddy Daddies Season 2 in the IMDB list?

The ratings of Buddy Daddies Season 2 are 7.9 out of 10 on the IMDB list.

2. What are the characters in Buddy Daddies Season 2?

Buddy Daddies Season 2, mainly has three characters,i.e., Kazauki Kurusu, Miri, and Rei Suwa.

3. Is Season One Completed of the Buddy Daddies?

Yes, the Season One is completed. The Season episodes came on 7th January 2023, and last through 1st April 2023.

4. Which Season trailer can I watch of the Buddy Daddies?

You can watch the Season One trailer of the anime. However, the trailer of the Buddy Daddies Season 2 will come when the official set it out.

5. How many episodes are present of Buddy Daddies Season One?

There are a total of 12 episodes in Buddy Daddies Season One.

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