Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Season 3 – Release Date, Trailer, And Everything You Must Know About It!

Well, after watching its last seasons, everyone is waiting for Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Season 3. Are you among those who came here to look for its next part what will be the outline and when its more episodes be on screen?

The anime show Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is one of the best parts that follows the concept of a Japanese series,i.e., Bleach Manga. When moving to more after its manga, it gets converted to Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc, which contains the anime version in 2020. With the Viz Media production house, the anime got the best two seasons, and it streamed its episodes on HULU. And it comes in the top ratio among animes.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Season 3 Release Date

One of the main things its audience has been waiting for long is the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Season 3 Release Date that when it will come. But after reading the points all your doubts will be cleared because we here tell you everything in detail.

The anime was started in 2022 and came with its last season of episodes in 2023. So, after it, we can only look and estimate that it will come with its new season as it will not become a spoiler. By 2024, we can look forward to its new episodes and character roles. So, enjoy its last season and stay in touch with us for more updates.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Anime: Overview!

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Anime: Overview!
ParticularBleach Thousand Year Blood War
GenreFantasy, Action, Adventure
Total Seasons2
Total Episodes26
Season 3TBR
Original NetworkTV TOKYO, Aniplex
Original Run2022- 2023

Episode List, Run Date & Run Time: Season 1 & Season 2

Run Date (S1)
Run Time (S1)Episode Name (S2)Run Date (S2)
1The Blood Warfare11 October 202224 minThe Last 9 Days8 July 2023
2Foundation Stones18 October 202224 minPeace from Shadows15 July 2023
3March of the StarCross25 October 202224 minThe Fundamental Virulence22 July 2023
4Kill The Shadow1 November 202224 minHeart of Wolf29 July 2023
5Wrath as a Lightning8 November 202224 minRages at Ringside5 August 2023
6The Fire15 November 202224 minThe White Haze12 August 2023
7Born in the Dark22 November 202224 minI Am The Edge19 August 2023
8The Shooting Star Project29 November 202224 minThe Headless Star26 August 2023
9The Drop6 December 202224 minMarching Out the Zombies9 September 2023
10The Battle13 December 202224 minMarching Out the Zombies 216 September 2023
11Everything But the Rain20 December 202224 minToo Early to Win, Too Late to Know23 September 2023
12Everything But the Rain “June Truth27 December 202224 minThe Master30 September 2023
13The Blade Is Me27 December 202224 minBlack30 September 2023

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Season 3: Cast & Staff Members

I. (a) Main (Cast And Characters)

Main CharactersCast
Ichigo KurosakiMasakazu MoritaJohnny Yong Bosch
Renji AbaraiKentarou ItouWally Wingert
Rukia KuchikiFumiko OrikasaMichelle Ruff
Uryu IshidaNoriaki SugiyamaDerek Stephen Prince

I. (b) Secondary (Cast And Characters)

Secondary CharactersCast
Byakuya KuchikiRyotaro Okiayu Dan Woren
Kenpachi ZarakiFumihiko TachikiPatrick Seitz
Mayuri KurotsuchiRyuusei NakaoTerrence Stone
Toshiro HitsugayaRomi ParkSteve Staley
Yhwach Takayuki SugouRichard Epcar

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorTomohisa Taguchi
ProducerMakoto Hijikata
Character DesignerMasaki Kodou
MusicShirou Sagisu

What Is The Audience’s Perspective For The Anime?

When we look at how the audience rated the show is the main things which you must look at. It will help you to engage with the anime and whether it is worth watching your time. So, we must say that you go through its ratings before proceeding to it:

IMDb List9.5/10
MyAnime List8.7/10

Any Trailer: Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Season 3?

Yes, one of the exciting news for its people is that the trailer is officially available. In the trailer, Aizen the character has attracted the audience to the show. Get in touch with the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War trailer and never miss out on a chance to look at this mindful trailer:

What Are The Ways To Watch Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Season 3 Online

Getting in touch with you is the best thing you have chosen. Looking more related to the anime’s platforms, it is seen that Bleach Thousand Year Blood War watch online platform is TV Tokyo. And the coming episodes will also be seen on this platform.

So, do not miss out, go & watch Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Anime on Disney+, HULU with its last season’s episodes. These are the top ones that can offer you the easiest way to catch with the anime.


After reading the article, we got to know that in 2024, it will come with its new season. Till now, we can only look at the current episodes available. All the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episodes are available on the platforms, you can watch them according to their sequence. So, before wasting and getting into another anime, you can look at it.


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