Beast Tamer Season 2: Everything We Must Know About The Anime

Beast Tamer Season 2, is one of the animes which has outfitted the audience with its cast and characters. The show has gained a good audience after its Season One production. Are you doubting the next part and scoring the pages to get the answers? Then yes, you are at the right place, we will give you the information that you were finding and update you with every little information you are lacking. Go with the below points and find all your question-related answers.

Plot Of Beast Tamer Season One

Plot of Beast Tamer Season One

Are you excited to know what Season One is about? You must go through with the below things. Well, the anime is about Fantasy and harem. Rein is the anime’s main character, the Beast who belongs to the hero Arios Party. In the anime, you will see the exam venue where he starts exploring himself through an adventure where he meets with a girl named Kanade. After which their journey gets started in the upcoming episodes of anime. Both started rescuing the people at first they had rescued a merchant from bandits.

The series continues with different adventures where both go to the bridge and meet with Tanya. She is a powerful member of the Dragon Tribe where she challenges both for the duel. Unfortunately, she gets defeated knows about Rein’s strength, and joins his party. After this both the girls know about Rein’s past and his story of an orphan. The upcoming episodes will relate you to the different adventurous paths where they met with Arios and Sora. Where Sora was angry with his sister Luna because she was captivated by the monster.

The story is a part where you will see how Rein gets respect from everywhere and he wants to get people rescued. After which they decided to search for a place and rest at the side. For which they found a haunted place which is called a ghost house,i.e., Tina. But this will happen when Rein and his companions are present as they involve Tina in their group. And Rein start living a life in the house which is just the beginning of their adventure.

Episode List of Beast Tamer Season One

Looking at the episode list, you will know about each category when they came around in the anime world. So, have a look at the list below:

S.NoEpisode NameRun Date (Season One)Episode Length
1Meeting of Fate2 October 202223 minutes
2Comrades9 October 202223 minutes
3Another Ultimate Species16 October 202223 minutes
4Dragonoid Power23 October 202223 minutes
5Beast Tamer VS Hero30 October 202223 minutes
6The Lost Woods6 November 202223 minutes
7The Captive Fairy13 November 202223 minutes
8Let’s Make Weapons20 November 202223 minutes
9Beast Tamer VS Beast Tamer27 November 202223 minutes
10Darkness in Horizon4 December 202223 minutes
11Black Waves11 December 202223 minutes
12Champion18 December 202223 minutes
13A Home for All25 December 202223 minutes

Beast Tamer Season 2: Source Material

When we look at the source material of Beast Tamer, it is from the Japanese light novel series which is by Suzu Miyama. After its illustration was given by Hotosoka and published in June 2018 continuously it got eight volumes published in May 2019 under Ranobe Imprint. The manga volumes will be published with these eight volumes in September 2023 and its anime series adapted by the EMT Squared in October-December 2022.

Beast Tamer Season 2: Release Date

The one question that is present in everyone’s mind is about the release date of the Beast Tamer Season 2. Through the officials, there is not any notification available related to any new news for the same. But it is seen that within a minimum time with a good audience, we can see the new season soon. But not before 2025, it is seen that it must take time but it will give some optimistic news related to the anime.

Moreover, we can expect a list of 12-13 episodes in the next season. As of now, we have to wait what the officials will announce its related part.

What Are The Ratings Of Beast Tamer Season 2?

The ratings of the show will let you know whether you want to take a step towards the anime or not. It will help you look at the different factors that will help you go through the next season it. So, without thinking too much and going for the next season you must look to season one. It will help you capture the outlook of the anime.

IMDB list8.5 stars out of 10
MyAnime List8.26 stars out of 10
Anime Planet3.74 out of 5
Crunchyroll4.7 out of 5

Is There Any Trailer For Beast Tamer Season 2?

At present, there is no trailer available for Season Two. You can explore the Season One Trailer.

Beast Tamer Season 2: Cast & Staff Members

I. (a) Main (Cast And Characters)

CastMain Characters
Shoya ChibaRein Shroud
Azumi WakiKanade
Rumi OkuboTania 

I. (b) Secondary (Cast And Characters)

CastSecondary Characters
Daiki HAMANOAggath
Atsumi TANEZAKILeane
Aoi KOGAMina
Marika KOUNONina
Minami TANAKASora

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorAtsushi Nigorikawa
ProducerYuuko Esaka
WriterTakashi Aoshima
StudioEMT Squared
MusicYuki Hayashi

What Are The Ways To Watch Beast Tamer Season 2?

Different ways are present that will help you to watch Beast Tamer Season 2. But for it, you have to move to the subscription plan. Yes, all the platforms are showing the anime on their subscription plans. You can move to the Crunchyroll platform, it is one of the best things that will offer you different things under one roof. You can move and watch any language anime on it.


Here you have looked at what are the episodes and when the new season will show its work in between its audience. So, what to find more let us watch season one if you have not watched it yet. Move with it and go towards its episodes. All the episodes listed are mentioned which will show you their show dates. Have a watch of the anime and enjoy it with your friends and loved ones.

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