Against the Gods Season 2 – 2023 Chinese Series’ Release Date, Cast, & Characters You Must Know

The first thing that kept us in doubt was whether it was Against the Gods Season 2 or Nitian Xie Shen Season 2. The series is popularly known by these two names. Well, after part 1 people are scrolling about the next part. Though Season One is not completed yet its character’s role and outline have created a good interest of the viewers.

The anime Nitian Xie Shen is a Chinese Fantasy Novel from Mars Gravity. It is a web novel that is further translated into English. No doubt, it has a good reach of chapters that will cover all the facts related to the community,i.e., Wuxiaworld. What you are looking for here, go with the below article for more details related to it.

Against the Gods Season 2: Release Date

When we start finding the Against the Gods Season 2 Release Date it comes to everyone’s mind what more we can expect in it. After looking its season one’s episodes people only want it will come soon. It is not been confirmed when it will come but lastly, we can say that by the end of 2025, we can see some news related to it. This Nitian Xie Shen Season 2 has enough material that it will show us more episodes in the coming time.

Against the Gods Season 2: Overview & Outline

I. Overview

  • Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Comedy, Action
  • Total Seasons: 1
  • Total Episodes: 15
  • Nitian Xie Shen Season 2: TBR
  • Original Network: iQIYI
  • Originality: China

II. Outline


The story is related to the Chinese series where you see the Cangyun Continent and Sage Yun Gu. The action story shows you how he got murdered for the Treasures,i.e., The Sky Poison Pearl. In its episodes, you will Yun Che the main character who was his disciple wants to take revenge for his master’s death. For this, he starts taking revenge and bloodshed many revengers. His concern wakes him up for the Desolate Sky Cliff and he leaps off to death.

In the more episodes of Nitian Xie Shen, you will see how he gets another birth into a young boy. At the time of his birth, his veins were damaged, and could not gain back his energy. Later, he got married to Xia Qingyue. She was the disciple of Ice Wind Immortal Place and one of the most beautiful girls in the town. Continue the series and see how after giving poison to Yun Che he survived. With the ongoing episodes, you will see many personalities one of which is Jasmine, see how it will keep you indulged with its outline.

Episode List, Run Date & Run Time: Season 1

S.NoEpisodesRun DateRun Time
1Against the Gods Season 2 Episode 123 September 202319 min
2Episode 223 September 202320 min
3Episode 323 September 202319 min
4Episode 430 September 202319 min
5Episode 57 October 202318 min
6Episode 614 October 202317 min
7Episode 721 October 202318 min
8Episode 828 October 202317 min
9Episode 94 November 202316 min
10Episode 1011 November 202320 min
11Episode 1118 November 202317 min
12Episode 1225 November 202319 min
13Episode 132 December 202317 min
14Episode 149 December 202317 min
15Against the Gods Season 2 Episode 1516 December 202317 min

Against the Gods Season 2 Cast and Staff Members

I. (a) Main (Cast And Characters)

Main CharactersCharacters’ Role-Played
Che XiaoMain Character
Qingyue Xia Xia Clan’s HEAD, Xia Hongyi’s Daughter
Lingxi Xiao Xiao Lie’s Daugther, Yun Che’s Aunt
Tong Xing (Jasmine)Crown Princess
Luocheng Xiao

II. Staff Members

  • Original Creator: Mars Gravity, Huoxing Yinli

When we move our eyes to the audience’s perspectives for the show then it is a different one. This Chinese show has gained a good ratio of audience and created an outstanding path in their hearts. Scroll down a little and see what is the excellent rating it has achieved:

IMDb List8.9/10
MyAnime List7/10
Anime Planet3.7/5

Trailer: Against the Gods Season 2

Looking for the Against the Gods Season 2 or Nitian Xie Shen Season 2 trailer? It may get you in confusion but until there is no such information related to its trailer. You can go through the Season One trailer:

Online Platforms To Watch Against the Gods Season 2?

Getting in touch with the Against the Gods Season 2 is not a trouble. Easily, you can go through the online platforms but you must look that what is the main platforms where you can watch it online. For it, we must recommend you to reach iQIYI.


Finally, you got to know that Season One has not ended yet. So, first, we have to wait for its ending part and then you can assume anything related to it for the Second Season. However, you can watch the other anime if you have watched its all current seasons.


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