4 Cut Hero Season 2 – Release Date, Outline, And Other Contents To Know

Folding yourself into the anime world, add 4 Cut Hero Season 2 one more anime to your anime list. The 2023 Chinese anime popularly known by Si Ge Yongzhe getting a good reach among people. Not only this, but the show has gathered this much attention that now people are exploring their interest in its new season.

The 4 Cut Hero episodes let all out be unbelievable. It extended its character’s performance and outline which now engages the new viewers. Are you interested to know more about it in detail? Get in touch with the below article for more information about the anime.

4 Cut Hero Season 2: Release Date

Now, we can look forward after looking at the show ratings and other parts that will come with its next season. But it is not sure when we can look to 4 Cut Hero Season 2. The last season got completed in 2023 so within some years, say 2-3 years we can get its news.

Do not lose hope soon we will get information related to it. Stay in touch with us and look forward to the next part. At present, you can go through and watch its current available episodes.

Overview: 4 Cut Hero

Overview: 4 Cut Hero
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Seasons: 1
  • Source: Manga
  • Run Period: 17 July 2023- 11 September 2023

In the 4 Cut Hero, you will see a Hero who was there to save the Princess. For her, he defeated the Demon King. But later on, he discovers a shocking thing that makes him unbelievable. More with the episodes, you will see how he suffers from unemployment and work. Go ahead with the Si Ge Yongzhe episodes and watch the show.

4 Cut Hero Season 2: Episode List

S.NoEpisodesRun DateRun Time
1After Saving The World, I Just Wanna Stay At Home17 July 20237 min
2Work Hard! The Big Four!17 July 20237 min
3Episode 324 July 20237 min
4Episode 431 July 20237 min
5Episode 57 August 20239 min
6Episode 614 August 20237 min
7Episode 721 August 20237 min
8Episode 828 August 20238 min
9Episode 94 September 20235 min
10Episode 1011 September 20237 min

4 Cut Hero Season 2: Characters

I. Characters

  • Toven, Zeed
  • Balchad, Gyel
  • Stoll, Zena

How the audience responds to the 4 Cut Hero is the ultimate reaction that one must know about any anime. Do not get confused you do not have to look anywhere related to its ratings. We are here to keep you updated with its ratings and audience perspective. View how the audience rated the show:

IMDb List8.1/10
MyAnime List6.6/10
Anime Planet4/5

Trailer: 4 Cut Hero Season 2?

Sadly, there is no information related to its second trailer. Go ahead and take a glance at its season one trailer:

Online Platform To Watch 4 Cut Hero Season 2?

I explored the 4 Cut Hero Season 2 on various platforms and got nothing! Do not worry, here we tell you exactly what platform, you will get the anime. The anime is the original Bilibili series and it is streaming its episodes only on it. So, get yourself ahead of the platform and stay tuned with its latest episodes.

Last Thoughts

With the article, you looked that the new season comes when only the officials look at the second part. Well, when we look at Season One, it showed its outstanding views with its last episode on September 2023. After looking we can overlook and probe that soon we will not get any updates. Get yourself busy with the other anime present in the anime world, or move to its 1st part.


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