2024 High Card Season 2 – Release Date, Trailer, Cast About Its Most Enthusiastic Part!

What are you scrolling here? Curious to know about High Card Season 2? So, what? Yes in 2024 you are getting its next season. The anime is all about action and fantasy which had caught a good audience and now setting up to grab more. Take your eyes off other anime, free your time, and move on with one of the awaited articles related to the High Card Anime.

Scrolling more about the High Card anime will tell you that it is one of the Japanese multimedia franchises from TMS Entertainment. The show is from the High Card Manga or novel series by Studio Hibari whose theme is poker. With the 2023 onset, we have grabbed all its season one episode and now with the shining 2024 we can meet with its new part. Why are you still stopped here? Get to know more about it in detail with the below-mentioned points.

High Card Season 2: Release Date

What is more exciting when we grab ourselves with the new season of the High Card? Yes, you heard it right moving to the next month,i.e., January 2024, you are welcomed with the first episode. Pack your bags, limit your schedule, and get ready for the new part of the anime. Catch the train to the new anime with its characters and their marvelous performance.

Overview: High Card Anime

Overview: High Card Anime
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Seasons: 1
  • Season 2: January 2024
  • Originality: Japan
  • Original Network: AT-X, SUN, BS11
  • Source: Manga
  • Run Period: 9 January 2023- to be continued

Looking at the plot we will get that in the anime there is a royal family who holds 52 playing cards. It is a secret deck,i.e., X-Playing Cards where every card has some superhuman ability. This card, everyone is looking for and at a time these bundles get stolen. When you get ahead to more episodes, you will see a character named Finn who is the thief of these cards. He wants funds and struggling to raise it from anywhere. See how he collects the funds for the orphanage while working as an undercover agent in the Pinochle company.

The show will entertain you with its amazing parts and you will meet with the Pinochle and Klondike media family with the anime running. Tell us what will happen next!

Episode List, Run Date & Total Run Duration: High Card

Get to know more about the High Card Episodes, and indulge in them. Set out your timer and grab the best chance to watch it.

I. High Card Season 2

S.NoEpisode NameRun Date
1High Card Season 2 Episode 18 January 2024

II. High Card Season 1

S.NoEpisode NameRun DateRun Time
1One Shot9 January 202323 min
2Make a Choice16 January 202323 min
3Crazy Rich23 January 202323 min
4Samurai Girl30 January 202323 min
5Power Game6 February 202323 min
6Take Back Five13 February 202323 min
7Love & Fake20 February 202323 min
8Heat Up27 February 202323 min
9By Your Side6 March 202323 min
10To Be Apart13 March 202323 min
11Chris20 March 202323 min
12Finn27 March 202323 min

High Card Season 2: Cast & Characters And Staff Members

I. (a) Main (Cast And Characters)

Main CharactersCast
Chris RedgraveToshiki Masuda
Finn OldmanGeb Satou
Leo ConstantineShun Horie
Vijay Kumar SinghYuuchirou Umehara
Wendy SatoHaruka Shiraishi
High Card Season 2 NEW CHARACTER

II. Staff Members

ParticularStaff Members
DirectorJunichi Wada
WriterNaoki Kuroyanagi
MusicRyo Takahashi
StudioStudio Hibari

Till now, we can give you any data after which you can judge the High Card Season 2. But if you want to move with the Season One rating then we are here to serve you the best. Ratings and audience perspectives become the priority in today’s anime world. So, before moving to more about the anime, put an eye on the ratings:

IMDb List6.8/10
MyAnime List7.2/10
Anime Planet3.6/5

Any Trailer Available?

Hopefully, yes the High Card Season 2 trailer is present in between us. What an outstanding opportunity we had achieved to watch the outline of its season. Do not miss it out!

Online Platforms For High Card Season 2

The top platform that will stream all the High Card Season 2 episodes’ is Crunchyroll. Put your eyes on it and see how amazing results you will get from it. No doubt at present, you will see only the season one outline and its episodes but with time Season 2 will also become available.

Get in touch with our website, we will let you know it will start streaming on the platform. So that you will never omit a single episode.


After giving your time to this article, you have learned that with the next year the season will show up a new chapter. So, make up your mind and get ready to add one more anime to your anime list. Gladly, you will love the concept and add its new episode to your watchlist.


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